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Danny Boyle Raves About AK Vs AK, Says 'I was Astonished by it'

Danny Boyle (R)

Danny Boyle (R)

Famed director Danny Boyle praised the cast and crew of latest Netflix film 'AK Vs AK' for making a great movie on filmmaking.

British director Danny Boyle is raving about Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap- starrer Netflix film AK vs AK. On Tuesday, the Academy award winning director spoke to Anil, Anurag and director  Vikramaditya Motwane through a virtual meeting and lauded them for this unusual and fresh venture.

The event was hosted by British Film Institute. The Slumdog Millionaire director started the conversation by congratulating Vikramaditya for making such a wonderful film. Boyle further said that he was astonished by it. The 64-year-old British director told the AK vs AK cast and director that for him, the movie joins the pantheons of great films about filmmaking, which are quite limited according to him. Danny then listed some of his favourite movies on filmmaking like Day For Night (La Nuit Américaine) and Heart of Darkness (on the process of filming Apocalypse Now, the only film to deserve a Nobel Prize).

“I just wanted to convey to you what a wonderful film you’ve made. I was astonished by it... For me it joins the pantheons of great films about filmmaking, of which there are a number," Danny said about AK vs AK.

Danny then said that for him AK vs AK is an incredibly modern film about filmmaking and there are not many of them. He also praised the ending of the movie. However, he did mention that he could not discuss it or else he would be spoiling it for the audience. As he said, “The pleasure I got from the film was partly to do with the way you deceived us.”

Talking about how the process of making this film, director Vikramaditya said that the outline of this movie was suggested to him by his friend, who lives in Amsterdam. Vikramaditya then got Anurag interested in this movie and then the makers roped in Anil. Anurag further explained that he wanted to cast an actor with whom he had a “perceived beef” since that would provide the whole context for the movie to play out.

In the 48 minute video, the cast and Boyle can be seen exploring various themes, and the filmmaking process of this movie, which is now available on Netflix.