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Darshan Raval Reveals How Taking Warina Hussain Shopping Saved His Navratri Song From Leaking | Exclusive

By: Dishya Sharma


Last Updated: September 20, 2022, 17:10 IST

Mumbai, India

Darshan Raval and Warina Hussain in the new garba song Dhol Bajaa.

Darshan Raval and Warina Hussain in the new garba song Dhol Bajaa.

Darshan Raval recently released his Navratri song of the year, Dhol Bajaa. The music video features Darshan and Warina Hussain.

Last week, Darshan Raval treated his fandom — Blue Family — with the song Dhol Bajaa. The song, which is still trending on YouTube, is the perfect Navratri jam. While Darshan has sung and starred in the music video, he has roped in Warina Hussain to star with him. Together, the duo has coloured fans in the festive spirits. While Darshan and Warina are seen having a ball in the music video, the singer told News18.com the vibe was no different off camera as well.

In an exclusive chat with us, Darshan was all praise for Warina. Having lent his voice to the hit track Chogada from her debut film Loveyatri, Darshan and Warina were no strangers to each other. The singer revealed that the song had already helped them become friends but Dhol Bajaa made them more comfortable with each other.

“It was a great feeling to reunite with Warina Hussain. She loved it and said let’s do it. It is a great pleasure to see Warina again with a garba song for audiences as well and she performed so beautifully,” he said. “We became friends during Chogada itself so we were very comfortable already. She super fun person to be with and I had a great time performing with her. There is never a dull moment with her, she’s always laughing and cracking jokes so it’s fun to work with her,” he added.

“She’s cute, full of energy and always excited to do things. That’s a very good thing about Warina. You really like her company. While shooting also, it didn’t feel like work, we had a ball,” Darshan said. When asked if they played any pranks on each other, Darshan revealed that Warina was the prankster on sets.

“She pulled a lot of pranks on me. I keep interacting with my fans and I am very, very private about my songs and music videos. I don’t want anything to come out before the song releases. Warina posted lyrics even before the song was released. She put a video on social media saying if I don’t take her out shopping, she is going to leak the song. Then I had to take her out shopping. I had to save the song and I was praying that the song releases soon before she thinks of something more mischievous,” he revealed.

Darshan’s garba/Navratri-themed songs are becoming a tradition of sorts now. There is at least one festive spirit song by the singer that plays at the Navratri events. While fans always look forwards to dancing to his songs, this year, Darshan was also eager to gift fans a new Navratri-themed song to dance to.

“I was very sure that after Chogada and Kamariya became so popular, I wanted to keep doing Navratri songs. But then Covid-19 happened and we couldn’t celebrate Navratri in its fullest spirits for the past two years. But this year, things have gotten better so I knew that the festival will take place,” he said, adding that his recent trip to his hometown Ahmedabad propelled him to release a garba song.

“About a month or so ago, when I went to Ahmedabad, I saw that Navratri dance classes had begun and that got me very excited. I had told Javed-Mohsin (the composers) that we should work on a Navratri song. That’s when they composed this track and we collaborated,” he said.


While his song is definitely going to make this Navratri memorable for his fans, we asked Darshan which was his most memorable Navratri celebration. The singer confessed it was around 2012, when he wasn’t a popular face. He confessed if given a chance, he would revisit that bash.

“I would want to go back to the Navratri I celebrated in 2012 because, before that, I wasn’t popular. Now when I go to a Navratri event, I become the centre of attraction. Of course, I love the attention and love. But sometimes, you just want to enjoy and play and not be the centre of attraction for that particular moment. So if given a chance, I would go back to the 2012 Navratri bash. You would dance like crazy and nobody is going to see you and hear you,” he said.

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first published:September 20, 2022, 14:41 IST
last updated:September 20, 2022, 17:10 IST