DC's Aquaman Jason Momoa Wants to Play Marvel's Wolverine, says Hugh Jackman was Phenomenal

DC's Aquaman Jason Momoa Wants to Play Marvel's Wolverine, says Hugh Jackman was Phenomenal

Jason Momoa says he grew up watching Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and would love to play the X-Man himself.

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  • Last Updated: June 20, 2019, 10:35 AM IST
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After Hugh Jackman decided to say goodbye to the most famous role of his career for good, making Logan his final outing as Wolverine, there has been speculation about who would replace him as the Adamantium X-Man. Recently, DC Universe's Aquaman Jason Momoa was asked which Marvel Cinematic Universe role he'd like to do, and he named the Canucklehead himself.

"I'd love to play Wolverine. (Jackman) was phenomenal. I grew up just loving Wolverine," Momoa said during a Q&A at San Antonio Celebrity Fan Fest, reported Cinema Blend.

Although a DC superhero turning into the most famous of the X-Men might strike as a little odd to some, but there is nothing legally in most people's contracts that prevent them from playing two different superheroes for two different companies at the same time. It doesn't happen very often though. Recently, Zachary Levi went from a bit role in the Thor universe for Marvel to play the lead in Shazam for DC, and while he was perfect for the latter role, some fans did get a bit weirded out.

It's unlikely though that Momoa's casting as Logan would happen anytime soon. President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige has said that it will be "a very long time" before they are able to incorporate the X-Men or Fantastic Four into their plans, now that they have the properties back in the Fox purchase.

What exactly is happening with the future of Wolverine is a bit unclear. Jackman played the role to much fanfare for almost twenty years, but following 2017's Logan, he announced he would step away. The character wasn't included in Dark Phoenix, so how exactly he's re-introduced is going to be a topic of much conversation at Marvel.

Dark Phoenix's director Simon Kinberg recently said he cannot imagine anybody but Jackman to play such an iconic character. But he also said that "actors who are just really interesting, and that I'd love to work with, Tom Hardy comes to mind; Richard Madden I think is a great actor."

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