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'Deadpool' to 'Suicide Squad': Why Marvel and DC Universe own 2016

'Deadpool' to 'Suicide Squad': Why Marvel and DC Universe own 2016

So let's just start saving our money to buy first day, first shows of all our favourite super hero movies.

For Hollywood, 2015 was the year of heavyweight drama, some fictional, some historical and some biographical. With ‘The Revenant’ sweeping the nominations at all major award functions, 'Carol' and 'Danish Girl' won hearts for the portrayal of lesser talked about communities back in the early 1900s. Now, in 2016, Hollywood has revamped itself and unofficially announced it as the year of superheroes and punk'd up villains.

Marvel and DC universes are all set to unleash everything big they have in store for the fans. With ‘Deadpool’ releasing today, the holy year for Marvel and DC kick starts with a promise of power-packed action every month. Let's take a look at the reasons why 2016 is totally the year for superheroes fans:


The first Marvel movie of the year, 'Deadpool' became the most anticipated film of 2016 right after its trailer garnered immense response from the people all over the world. Ryan Reynolds is back in a suit (this time red, and hopefully better) with oozing swag and kickass attitude. Eighth installment in the 'X-Men' series, the film follows Wade Wilson who, after being subjected to an experiment that leaves him with new abilities, hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life. You saw him go after Wolverine in 'Wolverine: The Origin', now see him go nasty and dig sly humour at the people who destroyed is life.

Heroes vs Heroes

Another highlight of this year is the fight that'll take place between our favourite super heroes in both the universes. While DC world will come to still when power of Superman will collide with vigilance of Batman, Marvel Universe will break into two when Avengers will choose sides between Captain America and Ironman.

Superman will meet Batman for the first time and their different ideologies will lead them to fight against each other. The film also introduces Lex Luthor, the mastermind psychopath, to the DC Movies fanbase.

On the Marvel front, Captain America is adamant to guide and hide his bestfriend from the 40's, who is now termed as Winter Soldier while the SHIELD ideology stay strong with Ironman. In order to save his childhood friend, our favourite first Avenger is forced to fight his own kind. With Antman, Hawkeye, Agent 13, Scarlet Witch and Falcon allied with Team Cap, and Black Widow, Black Panther, War Machine and Vision joining Team Ironman.

We can't wait to see our two beloved superheroes fight each other's ways and ideoligies affecting the entire Universe, in one way or other.

Villainous swag

Next film DC fans are eagerly waiting for is the antihero film 'Suicide Squad'. The best of the worst are here and they all are together to save the world! Imagine what world will it be where Deadshot, Harley Quinn are allies along with Boomerang, El Diablo and The Enchantress! What drew our attention was the Joker! While fans are waiting for the film to see the supervillians unite for a cause, there is equal excitement to see super villain and our favourite Joker on screen. Jared Leto is stepping into the giant shoes of Heath Ledger. We can't wait to see if he is able to justify it.

So much villainous swag to take in and so little time! DC Universe is about to explode with so much anticipation!

New ‘mythology’ inspired 'Apocalypse'

Marvel's Universe's another part with X-Men is coming to stand still as the first and most powerful mutant, Apocalypse is all set to live upto his name and destroy the existing world. Interestingly, the new supervillain is inspired from the 'heroes' of various mythological texts of different religions. This new entity will make you see those characters in new 'fictional' light. For the Indian fans, the Krishna references used by Apocalypse generate undying and unfading interest which has to wait till this summer to see the real unfolding. Till then let's keep ourselves busy in every single detail we could find in the text and draw relations to Apocalypse.

Heading towards the beginning and end, all at once

Various new characters are being introduced this year, giving us hopes for even more spin offs and individual films. With Ant Man introduced in 2015, the little man will enter the world of Avengers this year, giving more meat to his future productions. Black Panther is being introduced in 'Captain America: Civil War' while makers are busy writing his individual story. Spiderman is all set to be torn apart as he finds himself in between the tussle of two big Avengers, fighting for their definition of 'justice'.

In DC universe 'Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice' puts the foundation of 'Justice League', with Wonder Woman being introduced. Flash is all set to debut on big screen, thus spinning off his own series of movies.

The Avengers are heading towards the end as 'Guardians of the Galaxy' solve the infinity stones puzzle and prepare to fight the evil of Marvel universe. Hugh Jackman has called it quits (nearly) as Wolverine, and thus, Marvel fans will have to picture another hunk as the indestructible X-Man.

With so much happening in this little time of 12 months, it's nearly impossible to digest everything all at once. New stories are being formed and older ones are being formulated, 2016 is undoubtedly the turning point for both DC and Marvel Universe and fans can't wait for the coming years to complete the stories they all have grown up watching.

So let's just start saving our money to buy first day, first shows of all our favourite super hero movies. With such a powerful, unending lineup coming, savings are necessary!