Deepika Padukone and Sara Ali Khan's Connection to Drugs is Surprising, Says Roopa Ganguly

Deepika Padukone and Sara Ali Khan's Connection to Drugs is Surprising, Says Roopa Ganguly

Former actress and BJP MP Roopa Ganguly has described her experience with drug peddlers and rackets in the industry, saying new generations stars should be careful.


Shikha Dhariwal

As the Narcotics Control Bureau begun questioning Bollywood actresses Deepika Padukone, Shraddha Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan today in Mumbai, the investigation into the Bollywood-drugs nexus certainly seems to be going deeper.

Former actress and BJP MP Roopa Ganguly, in a conversation with News18, said that she has heard many actresses names in drugs connection. "But I know only Deepika Padukone, Dia Mirza very well, and Sara Ali khan from new generations of Bollywood," Ganguly said, and added that those actresses' connection is surprising, "not only for us and the industry, but for their fans as well.

"But now these stars should cooperate and support the NCB's investigation to catch the main drug peddler and the main person who is playing behind the scene and providing drugs to the industry. There is certainly someone who is providing drugs to the industry and now that person is trying to manage and hide all the secret connections, A particular PR machinery is working to divert the issue," the former actress said.

She also talked about seeing people doing drugs at parties in the industry. "Ganja and charas is not new to the industry. I have seen many industry people snorting white powder. I was also invited by a big director for a party during Mahabharat days and I was completely shocked to see the smoky and dark ambience. So I choose to leave that party immediately after greeting that director. It was not first and last incident, after that a big racket approached me many times in my hotel. I used to stay in Sea Princess hotel in Mumbai so people used to come with attractive offers like money and Dubai shows, and it was happening purposely to include me in their racket. I did not have a mobile phone at that time so I had recorded their conversation on a tape recorder and warned them that I would hand over that cassette to the police. I had cleverly managed distance myself from those racket and peddlers," Roopa claimed.

Roopa added that drug peddlers work in a bigger way and they attract stars with big money and other attractive offers. "When actors get a big amount for Dubai shows and attractive gifts then they should think before accepting these things because those rackets will also demand something in return from the stars and that might be a drug delivery also so be careful and don't become greedy - just a suggestion for new generation stars," she said.

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