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Deepshika Nagpal on Being Offered Negative Roles: Used to Think 'Am I So Bad'?

Deepshika Nagpal on Being Offered Negative Roles: Used to Think 'Am I So Bad'?

Actress Deepshika Nagpal, who will soon be seen playing the lead role in 'Ranju Ki Betiyan', talks about her role and co-star Ayub Khan.

Deepshika Nagpal will soon be seen playing a lead role in ‘Ranju Ki Betiyan’. The actress talks about her role, co-stars, children and much more.

Deepshika said, “I am playing ‘Lalita Mishra’. She is glamorous, romantic and a show-off. She is married to ‘Guddu Mishra’. She loves her husband very much and has twin boys. She wasn’t aware about her husband’s first marriage. She does all the manipulation to save her marriage.”

She further said, “Generally, when you play a mother, your character stays in the background and the focus is on your children’s story. But in this show they have focused on the matured love story of parents and also the problems of their children. I have nice romantic scenes with Guddu Mishra.”

Deepshika has mostly played negative roles. Be it in ‘Son Pari’, ‘Shararat’ or ‘Main Bhi Ardhangini’. She said, “I always played grey characters. I used to think that ‘am I so bad that they cast me’. But, negative character adds spice to the show. People are tired of watching sobbing characters. They want to see some action happening. This is also the reason that more actors have started doing it. As an actor it is fun. Audience also wait for them.”

She added, “I would love to do comedy. People have not seen me in comedy. They have always seen me in glamourous, strong-headed, negative roles. Because my personality is such. People haven’t seen my funny side.”

Do you believe that now a variety of subjects are written where women are shown headstrong and not vulnerable and feeble like before? She said, “It is high time people should project it. It is not that I am a feminist or against men. But, it is important to express what women feel. Don’t take them for granted. It is essential to portray that even they have heart, dreams. Even in the 21st century we need to make them understand this. Women have life beyond mother-in-law, daughter-in-law and kitchen politics.”

Ranju Ki Betiyan also stars Ayub Khan and Reena Kapoor. “Ayub and I are friends for last 20 years. Our children are friends. He is one of my few friends who has stood by me in my ups and downs. He is my ‘saheli’, my bestie. We did a show 16 years back Karishma Kaa Karishma where I played his girlfriend, now I am playing his wife. There is chemistry. I know Reena socially but don’t know her personally,” said Deepshika.

She also shared the struggles of being a single mother. “We are like three friends living together. We always communicate with each other. I never wanted to leave my children for work, but situation was so. My children are the reason I can do what I am doing. I never mix my personal and profession life. That is one reason that I am surviving in the industry for two decade now.”

Ranju Ki Betiyan will air on Dangal TV.

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first published:February 18, 2021, 17:30 IST