Did Govinda Take a Jibe at Nephew Krushna Abhishek on The Kapil Sharma Show?

Did Govinda Take a Jibe at Nephew Krushna Abhishek on The Kapil Sharma Show?

Krushna Abhishek chose not to perform on the episode of The Kapil Sharma Show with his mama Govinda as the celebrity guest.

Bollywood star Govinda recently appeared as a guest on Diwali special episode of The Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS) but his actor-comedian nephew Krushna Abhishek was seen missing from the episode. Apparently, their soured relationship is cited as the possible reason why he opted out of the episode.

Govinda is also said to have taken an apparent jibe at Krushna on TKSS. Reportedly host Kapil Sharma introduced Chandan Prabhakar as Chandu Chaiwala and Sumona Chakravarti as Bhoori, both as ‘kaamchor’ artists. Chandu responds saying that he is the one who got Kapil from Amritsar to Mumbai and now he has his own show. To this, Govinda said, “Tujhe kaam de na de tere bhaanje ko zarur dega.”

Fans are of the opinion that the actor's reference to 'bhanja' (nephew) was targetted at his nephew Krushna.

Two years ago, Govinda's wife Sunita took offence to Krushna's wife Kashmera Shah's tweet about some "people who dance for money". Sunita alleged that Kashmera was referring to Govinda, and decided to cut off ties with the two. In an interview, Sunita said that her family has distanced itself from Kashmera and Krushna and there's 'no chance of reconciliation'.

Last year when Govinda, Sunita and their daughter Tina Ahuja came on Kapil's show, apparently Sunita didn't want to share the stage with Krushna. Speaking about the same recently, Krushna told Bombay Times, “Last year, she didn't want me to perform in front of them, but this time, I had reservations."

Krushna said that he had a strong relationship with Govinda and the enmity has affected him badly. He also suspected that Govinda might take offence to some of his jokes.

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Talking about the fallout in 2018, Kashmera had said that she feels bad for Krushna as he was caught between an unreasonable couple and a strong wife.

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