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Did Justin Bieber Yell at His Wife Hailey Baldwin in Public? Watch Viral Video

Justin Bieber with Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber with Hailey Baldwin

A video from Las Vegas suggests that Justin Bieber was screaming at his wife Hailey Baldwin in public. But is that the truth?

Canadian singer and songwriter Justin Bieber was seen with wife and model Hailey Bieber in Las Vegas last weekend. A video from their stay was circulated on social media where it was alleged that the singer was “yelling” at Hailey. In the video, which was originally shared on TikTok, the 27-year-old is seen dressed in a green t-shirt and black and green shorts while Hailey is wearinga black dress. As the couple walked through what looked like a hotel lobby, Justin was seen talking animatedly with his wife.

At first, it was assumed that the singer was shouting at Hailey. However, as is the case with the popular couple, Justin and Hailey were surrounded by a throng of excited fans who were just kept away by a file of bodyguards. The video shows excited fans screaming as they followed the couple, hence, it may have required the singer to increase his own decibel to communicate with his wife, mentioned on tweet.


Fans have defended the pop star on social media and said that the allegations of him “yelling” at Hailey are baseless. One fan who was an eyewitness tweeted that the singer was not yelling and they were there to witness what actually happened,“He was all adrenaline.” The tweet further mentioned that people should not assume something as fact just because it “appears” like that to them. “Don’t spread false information on someone especially when you acknowledge that is just what it appears to you. That is defamation of character,” mentioned the tweet by a fan.

Another fan who was present at the casino in Las Vegas, where the couple was spotted, mentioned on Twitter, “My friends and I were with/behind him the whole night, he was in the best mood and was telling her a story but of course internet lames love their little scenarios.”

It is reported that the couple had a good time at the casino and Justin even delivered an impromptu performance.

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first published:July 14, 2021, 09:30 IST