Didn't Think People Would Remember My Character in Mirzapur, Says Anangsha Biswas

Didn't Think People Would Remember My Character in Mirzapur, Says Anangsha Biswas

Actress Anangsha Biswas, who will be next seen in Mirzapur 2, said that she was surprised by the love she recieved from the show's fans despite her character's brief appearance in season 1.


Antara Kashyap

For actress Anangsha Biswas, the past couple of months have been full of excitement. In early September, she appeared as Hyma in Hostages 2 where she received a lot of love and appreciation online from fans. She will be next seen in Mirzapur 2, where her character Zarina will be seen in a very different light.

In a free-wheeling chat with us, Anangsha says, “I am really elated. When you work hard and when your work starts coming out, I think that’s the best feeling for an artist. Mirzapur is such a brand that I had initially expected nothing out of. But it is the product that has put me on the map."

Anangsha was pleasantly surprised by the appreciation she received after Mirzapur. "Once it released, I was really, really surprised, by the kind of love I got. I mean, I never really thought anyone would remember my character’s name. And the audience asked me about Zarina a lot and that one song became such a big deal. I was really humbled," she says.

The craze behind Mirzapur is stronger this time. “When we were in the midst of the intense Covid lockdown situation, I was getting hate mails from fans asking why we weren’t releasing season 2 then. They said that we should release the show as they were all sitting at home (laughs).”

Anagsha had to explore a different part of her range for Hostages 2. She explains, "Hostages was a project which was really different. People perceive me in a certain way, and even this time in Mirzapur would be different, and similarly, Hostage was a role where seduction was not involved. The first brief that was given to me was Hyma has to be poker-faced and none of her emotions will come to her face. And I am as an individual, a very emotional person and emotions are my strength. So I had to actually break away from that and become a poker-faced girl who is always an angry young woman.”

Anangsha will be next seen in Taxi No 24 with Mahesh Manjrekar and Jagjeet Sandhu. The film is directed by Soumitra Singh.

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