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Digital Platform Hasn't Come Under the Radar of Censorship: Richa Chadha

Digital Platform Hasn't Come Under the Radar of Censorship: Richa Chadha

In an exclusive interaction with, Bollywood actor Richa Chadha talks at length about her latest web series 'Inside Edge' and also shares her views on digital platform being away from the glare of CBFC.

Bollywood actor Richa Chadha has never shied away from experimenting with different genres of characters. Ever since she made her debut with Oye Lucky Lucky Oye!!, the actor’s filmography boasts myriad of roles not just in cinema, but now on the digital platform too.

Inside Edge, Amazon India Prime’s first Indian original series, sees Richa as Zarina, a celebrity-owner of a fictional T20 team, Mumbai Mavericks.

Many actors find the digital platform more at liberty as the web space is still away from the glare of CBFC and Richa happens to be one of them.

“The digital platform has not come under the radar of censorship – so it’s a little freer as of now. Because the CBFC has been questioned time and again for its arbitrary suggestions,” she said while speaking to

“Censor Board should be an agency that certifies films, not suggests cuts. So right now, the digital medium seems free, but only time will tell what happens in the future,” she added.

Image: A screengrab from Amazon Prime's Inside Edge

She further pointed out that digital platform is a great means to test one’s abilities. “I don’t know if it gives room to an actor for personal growth, but it definitely gives room to actors for experimentation.”

When asked what made her say yes to a show about cricket and showbiz that is essentially set in a landscape of conflicting interests, the actor said, “I said yes to Inside Edge because I found content to be strong and interesting and also because I like to take risks. For me, it is an experiment to be a part of something that was so long drawn out. We shot for some 80-90 days, so it was a long process. And it was a great character to play.”

Both digital and the big screen medium have often been termed demanding. As an actor, did she find the two mediums any different? “There is no difference between what a digital medium and the cinema medium demand from an actor. The actor essentially has to go on a set, in front of the camera but there’s no difference in terms of what they do in a film,” she answered.

Considering that the web series sheds light on the controversial things which happen off field during a cricket match, is the reality as grave? “It brings to life the behind the scene moments of a cricket match. There’s a power play league which is a fictional league in the show. It’s not about a cricket match, it shows behind the scenes of a league cricket system. It just shows you what supposedly goes behind.”

If one has watched the series, they’d understand that there’s a strong business and political inclination to the show. Does that hint that all industries – whether sports or entertainment – are now headed to a scenario wherein they’re primarily considered as potential business prospects? “Obviously anything that we do today has to be measured in terms of money otherwise it’s not sustainable. The show attempts to highlight the corruption in the game of cricket. They are not questioning the aspect of money,” she answered.

“Of course, cricket has to make money in India in order to survive. That’s why other sports are now looking out for sponsorships so that – if they get money, they get to survive – as simple as that. Even so called big temples and institutions, have so much money in gold, in terms of property – that’s how they survive. So I don’t think any other industry is any different. However, money is not a bad thing, corruption is,” she further elaborated.

first published:July 26, 2017, 16:06 IST