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Do Not Want Fans to Gather Outside My House on Eid: Salman Khan

Do Not Want Fans to Gather Outside My House on Eid: Salman Khan

Salman Khan has requested fans to not gather outside his house on Eid owing to the pandemic.

Eid is a major celebration among Salman Khan fans. The star usually releases a film, and also makes an appearance at the balcony of his Mumbai home to greet the legion of fans gathered outside. But this year, owing to the pandemic, the actor has requested fans to not gather outside his home on Eid.

Asked how his Eid celebrations will be this year, Salman said, “Very different! Everyone will be in their own rooms this year. I live downstairs and mom and dad live upstairs. Family is just brothers and sisters. And, I hope there is no crowd outside my house this time. No crowd outside any star’s house."

His films give another cause for celebration to fans on Eid. While he is keeping his Eid commitment by releasing Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai on pay-per-view and DTH, there is barely any theatrical opening for the film across India. Most theatres are shut due to the Covid-19 second wave, and the actor is hoping Radhe will provide entertainment to families at home at a time like this.


“The intention was to release Radhe in theatres, and we thought the cinemas would be functional, but now that is not happening. Now, this film is going to be released on OTT and in about 20-25 theatres abroad. The film is releasing because of the fans. Whenever this lockdown is over we will definitely release the film in theatres. I just thought that this change would boost the morale of the fans, to be able to see the movie. I just want people who are sitting at home, to have something to do," he said.

Salman, and ZEE Studios, who are releasing the film, have already pledged a portion of the Radhe profits towards Covid-19 relief. “We thought, why should we put so much money into publicity? So we have tried to cut that money hugely, so ZEE and I, are going to give forward that money to whatever we plan to do. Whatever we get from Radhe, we would try and give a portion out for something… whatever we can. It’s very big of them to be doing this," he said.

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first published:May 13, 2021, 10:13 IST