Dragons in Game of Thrones are Cool But 'Naagins' are Not? This is Anti-populist, Says Ekta Kapoor

Image of Ekta Kapoor, courtesy of Instagram

Image of Ekta Kapoor, courtesy of Instagram

Ekta Kapoor, producer of hit TV shows, compared 'Naagin' with HBO's recently concluded series 'Game of Thrones' on the basis of several factors.

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  • Last Updated: May 29, 2019, 5:10 PM IST
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TV mogul Ekta Kapoor, in a recent interview with Bombay Times, compared her fantasy show Naagin with HBO's fantasy-drama Game of Thrones. She weighed the two shows on the basis of several similar factors, like the main character returning from the dead, imaginative and mythological creatures like dragons (in case of GoT) and snakes (in the case of Naagin) featuring in them to provide the spectacle quotient and other such thrills that attract viewership and keeps the audience engaged.

She said, as quoted by timesofindia.com, "What are the big shows that are working internationally, currently? People are watching dragons. It is uber cool for them to watch dragons, but when India watches naagins, it is not cool. Isn’t this anti-populist? Why do we look down on the masses and their choices (sic)?"

About bringing dead character back to life, she added, "Didn’t Jon Snow return from the dead? If you are not the audience, you will criticise, but then, that’s ringside play. Data proves that people are watching these shows because every time there is a kidnap, murder or a hero returns from the dead, there is a surge in ratings. It is an escapism for the Indian audience."

Ekta, who became a mother to her beautiful son Ravie in January through surrogacy, has also opened a crèche in her office in Mumbai. Producer of several successful films and television shows for long, Ekta also told the entertainment network that she regrets not having a child care center at her working premises earlier.

Ekta also elaborated on how she brings her child to the office quite often, which is how she realised the importance of a crèche in an office space, especially for working women.

On the work front, Ekta's web content platform ALTBalaji is coming up with a new show Mentalhood, which features Karisma Kapoor.

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