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Drama Movie Review: Mohanlal's Film is a Well Thought Out Entertainer

Drama Movie Review: Mohanlal's Film is a Well Thought Out Entertainer

Mohanlal might have established himself as a serious actor over the years, but he can still go back to slapstick comedies and do a great job.


Cast: Mohanlal, Niranj S, Arundathi Nag, Kanika, Baiju

Director: Ranjith Balakrishnan

Rosamma (Arundhati Nag), an elderly woman living with his youngest daughter in the UK, yearns for a burial in her village, where her husband was laid to rest. Quite unexpectedly, she breathed her last abroad, just a couple of weeks since she arrived at the new place. She has five children but most of them are in favour of performing her last rites on the foreign soil as it would be convenient for them.

Love for one’s homeland with the emotions deep embedded into it and the pain of getting it denied even after the death makes the crux of Drama. Rajagopal aka Raju (Mohanlal) is one of the crewmen in the funeral management team making arrangements for a pompous goodbye to the elderly lady at the behest of her children. The humanitarian in Raju wakes up after a dramatic conversation with the dead woman's soul in his subconscious.

As far as the real life drama around the film Drama is concerned, Mohanlal, in a Facebook video, had asked his fans to be with him during the release of the film. Also, it's one of the biggest releases in the history of Malayalam films, so expectations were anyway very high. On top of it, he was reuniting with Ranjith, with whom he has given smash hits like Ravanaprabhu, Chandrolsavam, Rock N Roll, Spirit and Loham.

Plus, Mohanlal hasn't been doing many out and out comedy films lately, so the interest around one of the biggest stars of the Malayalam film industry was high, but it's a tricky situation.

Mohanlal has matured as an actor over the years, and going back to the slapstick comedy in true '90s style has a flip side as well. It's a well knit script for sure, but Mohanlal's earnestness to play it is questionable.

There is humour for sure, no wonder the clapping kept getting louder. Mohanlal gets apt support from the actors around him. Veteran Arundathi Nag, mostly confined as a corpse in the freezer box, is in her element. She is fantastic in her both avatars, alive and dead.

Unfortunately, the script offers little to actors other than Mohanlal and Arundhati, still the supporting cast manages to bring smile to the audiences' faces.

Another noteworthy feature is putting up four directors -- Renji Panicker, Shyamaprasad, Dileesh Pothen and Johnny Antony-- in actors’ rob. On the whole, the movie strikes a chord with the viewers while offering some laugh out loud moments and a liitle food for thought.

Rating: 3/5