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donald trump india visit

Dwayne Bravo Reveals How He Found the Right Step for ‘Champion’ Song

Dwayne Bravo Reveals How He Found the Right Step for ‘Champion’ Song

Dwayne Bravo, in a freewheeling chat, talks about his passion for music and how it helped him in tackling difficult times during his cricketing career.

Priyanka Kaul
  • Last Updated: December 10, 2019, 5:18 PM IST
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Dwayne Bravo is a tender musician beneath the fierce competitor on the cricket field. The Champion singer has collaborated with Shakti Mohan for his new track The Chamiya Song.

“Coming from the Caribbean and growing up in Trinidad, I heard soca, calypso, chutney, which we inherit. It’s a big part of our culture. I don’t have any musical talent, I do not know how to play any musical instrument, I am not the strongest vocal wise but I am passionate about it and that’s why I keep doing it,” said Bravo.

The new track has him singing in Hindi for the first time, under the guidance of co-vocalist Rimi Nique.

“My biggest fan base is India. I don’t think there’s any other country in the world that gives me this love, and appreciation. Receiving so much respect, despite being a non-Indian, means a lot to me. I just wanted to continue to show my own love to this place,” said Bravo.

Bravo is a Shah Rukh Khan fan. He said, "When I play CPL in the Caribbean, he owns my team. So I can happily say he is my boss. When he comes to Trinidad, he watches a few games. He also keeps a private party for us. I am happy to be in his presence because he is our favorite hero and we all look up to him. He’s a megastar worldwide and has achieved so much. He promised me one day he will put me in one of his movies so I am hoping that happens soon.”

Every cricket fan knows how to do the ‘Champion’ step. “The step basically imitates the action of when you hold the trophy in your hand and bring it close to you. Chris Gayle was the first person who did the dance when he scored the century in England. When I recorded the song, he was there too and that’s where we got the idea of the step,” he revealed.

Talking about the inspiration behind the song, he shared, “In 2015, I was dropped from the West Indies team. They also dropped me from the World Cup team. I was very sad and I felt I’d never play cricket again. Then I played CPL later on in the year and won the league for the first time as a captain. Two weeks later, I went and recorded the song. Despite being dropped I won and I felt like a champion again and names started coming in my head.”

The song mentions names of icons such as Nelson Mandela, Obama, Michael Jordan and Chris Gayle. “Initially I wanted to mention only Caribbean people, but later made it a universal song and put inspirational sportsmen and women. It was about getting names that are champion in their own fields. I just collaborated Caribbean champions with international ones. When we write song, I do not think of Black, White, Muslim or Christian. The idea is based on what I was going through that time,” he added.

He also hilariously shut down a rumour about joining cricket since he had a crush on the teacher. “I hope this interview clears this for once and all. That’s not true (Laughs). I always wanted to be a cricketer and that’s what my childhood dream was since the age of 5. I don’t know how these rumours keep surfacing.”

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