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Fan Pits Night King Against Thanos in 'Endgame Of Thrones', Gets a Shoutout From Russo Brothers

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

A digital artist has brought Thanos face to face with the Night King, and Avengers and Game of Thrones fans are going crazy over the possibilities.

  • Last Updated: April 29, 2019, 4:31 PM IST
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With the release of Avengers: Endgame coinciding with the most epic battle on Game of Thrones, fans of both the universes have had a frenzied weekend. We had barely recovered from the biggest battle in the Marvel universe on the big screen, when the GoT universe unleashed the Battle of Winterfell on us.

While there have been talks about the Stark connection between the two fantasy universes - Tony Stark from Avengers and the Starks of Winterfell - a fan has gone ahead and brought the two major villains together on the same platform.

Digital artist Jeff Cole has created the inconceivable, pitting Game of Thrones' dreaded Night King against supervillain Thanos, and have managed to get a shoutout from Avengers: Endgame directors, the Russo brothers, in the process.

The art shows a menacing Night King in a face-off with the mad Titan, with their respective weapons in front of them, against a bleak backdrop that could be from either universes.

Fans immediately started theorising on Jeff Cole's post who would win if Thanos battled the Night King. While one fan said that Thanos' gauntlet won't work in the Night King's realm, others assumed that since the Infinity Stones control space, time and reality, the Night King is no match for him. Yet another insisted that Thanos' snap can only wipe out the living, and the Night King is already dead. One user raised a question, "Everyone thinks Thanos is going to win. But does he have the dragon glass?"

On the Russo brothers' handle, Venezuelan actor Maria Gabriela de Faria summed up the sentiments of all GoT and Avengers fans. She replied to the post, "Cried my eyes out yesterday because of Thanos and I'm not ready for the Night King tonight. What a weekend for our beloved characters!"

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