Five Memorable Performances of Soumitra Chatterjee Besides His Satyajit Ray Movies

Soumitra Chatterjee

Soumitra Chatterjee

Satyajit Ray was the one who discovered Soumitra Chatterjee and mentored him, however, he went on to deliver some critically-acclaimed performances in movies which were not directed by Ray.

Bengali cinema’s veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee is known for his memorable work with Oscar-winning director Satyajit Ray with whom he has collaborated for fourteen films. Ray was the one who discovered the actor and mentored him, however, he went on to deliver some critically-acclaimed performances in movies which were not directed by Satyajit Ray.

Take a look at some of those movies:

Jhinder Bondi: The 1961 movie was directed by Tapan Sinha where Chatterjee played the antagonist Mayurbahon. This film starred the legendary Uttam Kumar against Soumitra. At the time, Kumar was the star of the Bengali cinema while Chatterjee had just started out. However, both the actors delivered a magical performance in this remake of  The Prisoner of Zenda.

Teen Bhubaner Parey: Directed by Ashutosh Bandyopadhyay, this classic portrayed Soumitra in a fresh light. Initially, Chatterjee’s character Montu is shown as a happy-go-lucky person singing and dancing on the streets flirting with girls. As the story develops, he falls in love with Sarasi played by actor Tanuja. In order to win her heart, he becomes the gentle lover who rebuilds his image for his unconditional love. The movie has also given some classic songs to the audience like Jibon e ki pabona and Hoeto Tomari Jonno.

Basanta Bilap: In this 1973 movie Basanta Bilap, Soumitra can be seen playing a comic role opposite Aparna Sen in this classic. The movie also has some of the memorable performances by actors Anup Kumar and Chinmoy Roy. Directed by Dinen Gupta, the movie sees a group of young boys and girls of a neighbourhood who are involved in a tussle with Soumitra and Aparna.

Kony: This National Award winning Bengali classic from 1984 is based on the novel by Moti Nandi and directed by Saroj Dey. It tells the story of an underprivileged young swimmer Kony played by Sriparna Banerjee, who stands against all odds challenging poverty, politics, social stigmas, and other barriers. Soumitra plays the role of struggling swimming coach Khidda who recruits the talented girl in a slum and trains her to win the National Swimming Championship.

Atanka: Released in 1986, Atanka is a story of a teacher who witnesses a murder orchestrated by his own former students. Soumitra plays the role of the helpless teacher in this real-life inspired movie directed by Tapan Sinha

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