Ford Vs Ferrari Trailer: Christian Bale and Matt Damon Race to the Finish Line with Henry Ford II

Christian Bale and Matt Damon in a still from Ford Vs Ferrari trailer

Christian Bale and Matt Damon in a still from Ford Vs Ferrari trailer

Ford Vs Ferrari is inspired by true events and is set to arrive in cinemas on November 15. See trailer below.

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The trailer of Ford Vs Ferrari, starring Academy Award winners Christian Bale and Matt Damon, has been released by 20th Century Fox on YouTube. The two Hollywood actors have come together for a film for the first time and we have to admit they are killing it with their chemistry.

The story follows the dream of a car company, Ford Motors in this case, to become the face of car racing by challenging the hegemony of the biggest car company on Earth, that is, Ferrari Motors. Damon stars as the visionary car designer Carroll Shelby-- man working for Henry Ford II, played by Tracy Letts, the owner of Ford Motors. Shelby devises the perfect strategy for establishing the dominance of Ford Motors on the race track-- make a super car and find a driver who can race to the finish line.

Enter Bale as Ken Miles, determined but impatient. But while Damon suggests that Miles is their best chance, Ford disagrees. The company is on a ticking timeline of just 90 days to get the car built and take on Ferrari with Miles still there behind the wheels for Ford.

The most striking part of the trailer are the dialogues that are being exchanged by the characters. On the verge of battle, Damon asserts, "We are lighter, we are faster. If that don't work, we are nastier." Will Ford Motors create history or the pressure of family and expectations is more than enough to pull them down is what Ford Vs Ferrari will track down for us.

Watch Ford Vs Ferrari trailer here:

Directed by James Mangold, Ford Vs Ferrari arrives in theaters on November 15.

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