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Game of Thrones Season 2 Recap: Jon Snow Knows Nothing, Arya Learns Valar Morghulis

Game of Thrones Season 2 Recap: Jon Snow Knows Nothing, Arya Learns Valar Morghulis

As we approach towards the much-hyped season finale of Game of Thrones 8 on April 14, here's a quick guide on what has happened in the show so far one season at a time.

Season 1 of Game of Thrones took away some major and crucial characters. It left us with King Robert Baratheon's death and his last Hand of The King Lord Eddard Strak's public execution on the pretext of treason. At the wall, Jon Snow joins the Night's Watch. Somewhere far away, Daenerys Targaryean becomes the mother of three dragons.

Season 2 brings the audience to the war ground as the Starks prepare themselves to claim the Iron Throne. The season also introduces the Red Priestess, H'ghar and Ygritte.

As we approach towards the much-hyped season finale of Game of Thrones 8 on April 14, here's a quick guide on what has happened in the show so far one season at a time. Here's the recap of Game of Thrones Season 2:

Ep 1- The North Remembers

While the Lannisters are preying the Iron Throne in King's Landing, Stannis Baratheon proclaims allegiance to Melisandre's Fire God declaring that the throne belongs to him. He also reveals that Joffrey is not the true heir to the king. On the other hand, Jofferey orders the assassination of Robert's bastards. However, one of Robert's son Gendry, narrowly escapes death by the hands of Arya Stark. Having won three wars, Robb barters peace with the Lannisters in return of Sansa and North's independence.

Ep 2- The Night Lands

Theon Greyjoy returns to Pyke after nine years and is reunited with his sister, Yara, and father, Balon. At King's Landing, Cersei rejects Robb's peace terms and calls for the war. Meanwhile, in the Red Waste, Daenerys' horse returns with the severed head of its rider and a message from one of her enemies. Meanwhile at Dragonstone, Stannis unites with Melisandre to father a child who could help him gain the throne. Across the Wall, Samwell Tarly meets Craster's daughters, Gilly, who is pregnant and tries to help her. On finding that Craster offers his sons to the White Walkers, Jon Snow is knocked by the wildling.

Ep 3- What Is Dead May Never Die

Catelyn arrives at Renly's camp to discuss an alliance and meets the Brienne of Tarth. Theon rejoins the Greyjoys in the Iron Islands and with him Balon plans out an attack in the North, led by Yara. At King's Landing, Tyrion is trying to figure out who is Cersei's confidant and assigns his lover Shae as handmaiden to Sansa. On the road to the wall, Arya is taken prisoner. Trying to save Gendry from the army men, she lies that he is dead.

Ep 4- Garden of Bones

Catelyn attempts to talk to Stannis to unite with his brother Renly and overthrow the Lannisters, but Stannis stresses on Renly's submission to his command. Peter Baelish meets Catelyn and offers to trade Jaime for her daughters. In Dragonstone, Melisandre births a monstrous shadow creature to help Stannis win the throne. Joffrey abuses Sansa and Tyrion comes as a saviour and intervenes between the two. During his investigation, he finds out about the incestuous relationship between Cersei and their cousin, Lancel. Although the armymen don't kill the two, Arya and Gendry are taken as captives to the castle of Harrenhal and the former is taken by Tywin as his servant, who fails to acknowledge her true identity. In the meantime, crossing the desert, Daenerys has arrived at the gates of the prosperous city of Qarth.

Ep 5- The Ghost of Harrenhal

At Harrenhal, Arya meets H'ghar who pledges to kill three people of her choice as she saves him from the tortures of the prison. Dismmising Stannis' offer, Renly is murdered by Melisandre's shadowy assassin. The blame falls upon Catelyn and Brienne, following which the female warrior swears loyalty to Catelyn. In the absence of Robb, Theon sets his sails to capture Winterfell, and at King's Landing, Tyrion learns about the wildfire, a burning substance mass produced to destroy Stannis' fleet. In Qarth, Daxos proposes marriage to Daenerys and promises her the wealth required to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. But Ser Jorah convinces her to decline the offer and instead gain the support of the people of Westerosi.

Ep 6- The Old Gods and the New

Theon takes over Winterfell and Robb reunites with the healer, Maegyr. At the Fist of the First Men, Snow imprisons a Wildling named Ygritte, but is separated from his patrol as he chases her across the wall. Joffrey spurs a riot in King's Landing, in which he is almost killed while Sansa is just about raped. In the meantime, an officer suspects Arya as the Strak, and in her defence she asks H'ghar to kill him. In a surprising event at Qarth, Daenerys' dragons are stolen.

Ep 7- A Man Without Honor

Jon's prisoner Ygritte continues to seduce him and with a narrow distraction escapes him. It's where we learn that Jon Snow knows nothing. At King's Landing, Sansa is horrified by the riots and learns that she has begun menstruating and is ready to bear Joffrey's child. In Robb's camp, Jaime tries to escape but fails. In Qarth, the warlock Pree reveals that he stole Daenerys' dragons, but allows her to reunite with them for the last time. At Winterfell trying to impress his father, Theon presents charred corpses of two boys, claiming that he tracked down and killed the young Stark brothers.

Ep 8- The Prince of Winterfell

Robb learns that Catelyn secretly freed Jaime in exchange of Sansa and Arya. Infuriated at it, he locks his mother in her tent and comes into a romantic relationship with Talisa. Arya strikes a deal with H'ghar who has to help her escape or she names him as the third and the last man of her choice to be killed. At the Fist of the First Men, the brothers of the Night's Watch find hidden dragonglass. In Qarth, Jorah accompanies Daenerys into the House of the Undying to get back her dragons. We also learn that Theon lied, Brandon and Rickon are alive and are hiding in Winterfell.

Ep 9- Blackwater

Baratheon's fleet creates a havoc at the King's Landing. In defense, Tyrion destroys many of the attacking ships with his ship full of wildfire which forces the Baratheon army to attack the land. Facing defeat at the land, Sandor disapproves Joffrey and leaves the blackwater. Before going away, he offers Sansa to take her back to Winterfell, but she declines it and decides to stay. The Lannisters are saved at the last moment, when Tywin arrives with Loras' force. Together they defeat Baratheons.

Ep 10- Valar Morghulis

Joffrey marries Margaery while Tywin replaces Tyrion as the new Hand of the King. Robb decides to marry Talisa, however, Catelyn is not in the favour of this wedding. In Qarth, Daenerys successfully repossess her dragons and kills Daxos inside his own vault claiming his wealth. In Winterfell, Theon tries to persuade his men to fight against Robb, but he's unsuccessful. Having escaped Harrenhal with Hot Pie and Gendry, Arya gets a gift from H'ghar and we learn a new term 'Valar Morghulis'. North of the Wall, an army of White Walkers comes face to face with the the Fist of the First Men.

Major deaths in season two: Renly Baratheon.

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