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GoT S7 Ep 5: Eastwatch Brings the War of Winter a Step Closer

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GoT S7 Ep 5: Eastwatch Brings the War of Winter a Step Closer

Eastwatch was filled with intricate, tangible emotions which can take any turn in future episodes.


After a spectacular show of fire in the last episode, it's time to witness the winter in Game of Thrones season 7. Unlike The Spoils of War, the fifth episode titled Eastwatch is more of an anticipatory build-up than outright action. Not thrilling in terms of Dragon fire and spilling blood, Eastwatch, however, does feature new talks for the sake of few new and old alliances. We see former friends and relatives meet, while strangers put their trust in other strangers for a better survival.

The episode begins where the last one left off, with Bronn diving to save Jaime as the two come out of the water only to realise that there is no way of winning this war and Jaime contemplates counselling his sister and Queen on the Iron Throne out of her and his impending doom.


The mother of dragons puts her power in an exhibition and asks the Lannister army survivors to either bend the knee or die. Lord Tarly and his son Rickon refuse to call her their queen and are burnt alive, much against the will of Tyrion Lannister. The show of strength doesn't go down well with the Hand of the Queen and he and Varys discuss to make Daenerys mend understand a better way of dealing with House Lords than killing them.


The much-awaited meeting between the dragon, Drogon and Jon Snow finally happens and while the frame freezes on a be holding sight, looks like Drogon has sniffed the Targaryen blood running through Jon as the King of the North is able to tame the otherwise moody fire-spitter. However, Daenerys amused as she may be, is unable to take the hint of Jon being her blood, but becomes a little softer towards Jon after the acceptance shown by her children. Her rant of bend the knee, too, take a backseat.


A fully recovered Jorah Morment returns to his Queen and we sense that the love between Jorah and Daenerys is going to be a bone of contention for Jon in future episodes. In Winterfell, Bran sees the Night King walking towards Eastwatch in a terrifying scene, and warns everybody about the marching dead. Jon tells Daenerys that he wants to leave and there hatches a plan that will be the plot of the next episode!

Tyrion asks Jon to provide Cersei and others with a proof of dead army and much to Daenerys' discomfort, the King of the North himself decides to take up the task alongside Jorah and wildlings. Dragonstone bids farewell to the Stark army and as an ally (more or less).


Tyrion seeks a meeting with Jaime as he plans out a truce between Cersei and Daenerys. Ser Davos smuggles Tyrion in Kingslanding as he sets off to meet the man every fan has been searching for the longest time - Gendry. Taking a jibe at the meme of Gendry rowing for the past six seasons, Davos says, "I thought you'd still be rowing".

The illegitimate son of Robert Baratheon meets Jon Snow and reveals his identity. While one can't say he has a larger role to play in the narrative, but his presence might suggest that makers are keen on keeping the Baratheon stag alive.


Jaime tells Cersei about his little meet with Tyrion only to find out that Cersei herself wanted a meeting with Daenerys as she hatches a clever plan. Also revealed is the presence of a little unborn Lannister - Jaime and Cersei's new child in the making! And this time Cersei plans to tell the world the real identity of her yet to be born golden-hair Lannister. We sense a mind-game here though, also, of the prophecy of Jaime being the real Azor Ahai is true and he is indeed the one to kill the love of his life for greater good, this little good news might make it work for him even harder.


In Winterfell, Petyr Baelish sows the seeds of mistrust between Sansa and Arya Stark. While Arya is wary of Sansa's loyalty towards Jon Snow, Sansa herself is fighting her urge to take the control. However, as we sense it, Sansa is familiar with the games of Littlefinger and will do everything in her power to keep her family house intact. And, Arya is going to regret mistrusting her sister, soon. For now, an in-house feud is brawling but then wolves never really abandon their pack, no matter how dirty they fight.

Samwell Tarly leaves Citadel after getting tired of listening to great men and their work. He steals a few readings and parchments and sets off to the real world of action.


Jon reaches the east watch and tells Tormund about the plan of going and capturing a white walker alive. The leader of the free-folk leads them to the cell where The Brotherhood without Banners has been kept and Jon immediately recognises The Hound. Gendry disses their presence, while Tormund shows his anger towards the presence of a Mormont amongst them. Nonetheless, all keep their differences aside and they walk out beyond the wall, for a greater purpose.

Eastwatch was filled with intricate, tangible emotions which can take any turn in future episodes. While Gendry might me just a fan-favourite entrant, he can also be a major player as the now rightful heir to the throne.

The fifth episode raises hopes for the penultimate episode of the penultimate season. The next episode will see Jon fighting the Night King once again and a blazing valerian sword (our guess!). The informative Eastwatch was all about new alliance formation - The Eastwatch team, Daenerys and Jon, Dragons and Jon - and old relations springing back to life - Stark and Baratheon, Jaime and Cersei as parents and Lannister brothers, Jaime and Tyrion. Now all eyes are on the next episode and the chilling horror it's going to bring.


PS: Gilly read out a record from Maester Maynard where it said that the Maester annulled the marriage of someone called 'Raggar'. Our strong sense suggests it's Rhagear Targaryen and the record carries the information of the union between the Targaryen prince and Lyanna Stark. Does that mean Gilly already knows about Jon but hasn't understood it properly? Only future episodes will tell.
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