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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3: The Queen's Justice Served With Surprises and Revenge Drama

The Night is here to stay and if the 'children will keep playing the foolish game' it will engulf the entire Westeros, from Mountains to The Sea.

Sameeksha |

Updated:August 2, 2017, 1:33 PM IST

Half as expected, half full of surprises- bitter and sweet, the third episode of Game of Thrones Season 7 belonged indeed to the Queens. Titled, The Queen’s Justice, the episode is all about Cersei Lannister's revenge on her enemies and Daenerys Targaryen's faith. It is one of those 'lose before you win' situation for the true heir of Westeros (well, we hope so). A fight between a revolutionary and a monarch in every way possible. Filled with deaths, sweet surprises, impeccable judgments and the much-awaited reunion at Dragonstone, the episode's quite eventful.


Not wanting to make fans wait anymore, the episode begins with Jon Snow meeting Daenerys Tragaryen. The highlight of the entire meeting is Tyrion Lannisters way to make two strong personalities stay put without hurting another's pride. Two great bloods, fighting different monsters and seeking help from one another, it's interesting to see the two democratic leaders fighting hard for their goals and their promises - one to reclaim her Throne, the other to protect innocents from the Winter beyond Wall. The meeting is sour and sweet with Jon Snow refusing to bend his knee, still seeking a possible alliance on the virtue of 'faith' and Daenerys being threatened by the rebellious attitude, still granting the permission to mine Dragonstone, all on the advice of Tyrion (Dragon can listen to the Lion, sometimes). Another unmissable thing from the episode were the words of Melisandre, "I've done my part, I've brought ice and fire together". Now how the ice and fire will work is what we all are eager to see.


Tyrion is now in his full form, bring the much needed, wisdom-filled comic relief. Always a treat when he opens his mouth, the hand of the queen is indeed an asset to be vouched.


At Kingslanding, Euron and his 'gifts' arrive and Cersei makes him the commander of the sea- too much dismay of Jaime. While Euron is not much of a charmer, the way he's teasing the Kingslayer, it won't be long he'll find himself in 'troubled waters' for that. Cersei gets her sweet revenge, which she seals with a 'kiss' on Elariya Sand's daughter and leave her to a time, much worse than death. On the financial front, she promises to pay all the debts like a true Lannister, to Iron Banks.


At the Citadel, Sam's gross hard work earns Jorah Mormont his life and now a fit and fine advisor plan on to meet his Khaleesi, departing on a grateful note.


At Winterfell, another Stark reunion happens with Bran's return. However, blessed (or cursed) with the higher motives of Three-Eyed Raven, Sansa finds her little brother a little cuckoo, till he brings up the exact details of the unfortunate night of Sansa's wedding to Ramsay Bolton. With the only trueborn son of Ned Stark denying to seat himself as the Lord of the North, the responsibility is still very much with Jon. Also, a noteworthy thing here is the unbiased approach of Bran and his insensitivity towards things that are happening or happened at his home, but will he be able to stay the same?


On the war front, after destroying Daenerys plans to ally with Dorne, the unsullied find their way into Casterly Rock (thanks to the 'lowly' work of Tyrion). However, they capture the fortress, Euron's fleet destroys their ship and the main Lannister Army marches away from the place to Highgarden. Looks like Cersei is more keen on protecting her throne and paying her debts than protecting her family home. More practical than sentimental, always.


The show ends with Cersei's another'sweety-revenge' and Jaime passes on poisoned wine to Olenna Tyrell, the last of Daenerys' ally from the Kingdom of Westeros. However, Olenna departs on her own terms and reveals her planned killing of Joffrey to Jaime, much to his surprise. The sympathetic tone with which she warns Jaime about his lovely sister, "She's going to the death of you" does seem to put some thoughts into his mind.


With Cersei putting an end to her children's killer, the episode was indeed about A Queen's Justice.

Things to keep an eye out for are the dragons and their possible relationship with Jon Snow, now a 'guest' at Dragonstone. We have a feeling it'll be Rhegar who will identify the Targarean blood in him. Sam has been given a good task at Citadel with old parchments and he is going to discover one or two secrets before the Great War begins. Daenerys and Jon's cold treatment will surely go away, once the mother of dragons comes to term with the loss of her allies and thus, accepts the Northern King's helping hand.


The Night is here to stay and if the 'children will keep playing the foolish game' it will engulf the entire Westeros, from Mountains to The Sea, soon enough. However, we have a feeling Azor Ahai is on his way and it is time we find who the light bringing knight will be.
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| Edited by: Sameeksha
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