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Gaurav Chopraa’s Mother Passes Away After Battling Cancer for 3 Years

Gaurav Chopraa (L)

Gaurav Chopraa (L)

Gaurav Chopraa shared an emotional note with some pictures as his mother passed away. Take a look at his heartfelt tribute to her.

Actor Gaurav Chopraa’s mother has passed away. The actor took to social media to confirm the news of his mother’s demise by sharing an emotional post.

He took to Instagram to pen a heartfelt post for his mother, sharing her three pictures. His mother had been battling pancreatic cancer for three years. A few days ago, his parents had tested positive for COVID-19, which is said to be a reason behind his mother’s worsening health condition.

Chopraa wrote, “Always the brightest spot of energy in the room. Always. The beauty that did not need any kind of accentuation. It stood out. Loved by all. To the point of seeming like her fans. Inspired so many. As a teacher, as a principal, as a colleague, as a friend, as a human being pursuing spiritual growth over everything else (sic)."

The actor said that he is sure that his mother would be making everyone her fan “in the other world.”

Chopra, a few days ago, sought plasma donors for his COVID-positive parents. On August 12, he posted an update that the donor can be of any blood group.

Later, when he got a donor, he thanked his friends and followers for helping him “at an odd hour”.

The actor added, “We are getting the plasma and hopefully this shall help in getting my father to be better. I shall always be indebted”.