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Giorgia Andriani Aces Hindi Tongue Twister, Watch Video

Giorgia Andriani

Giorgia Andriani

Giorgia Andriani surprises everyone as she nails a Hindi tongue twister in her latest video on social media.

Bollywood star and a close member of the Khan family, Giorgia Andriani is having some fun time online amid the coronavirus lockdown. Giorgia, who is currently dating producer and actor Arbaaz Khan, took up the tongue twister challenge on social media.

She tried to correctly and orderly pronounce one of the famous tongue twisters in Hindi. While her task was to say Khadak Singh Ke Khadakne Se Khadakti Hain Khidkiyaan, Khidkiyon Ke Khadakne Se Khadakta Hai Kadak Singh, she ended up making it gibberish in a few attempts.

Giorgia forgets the words in the first attempt, ends up being completely blank in the second and messes up the similar pronunciations in the third and fourth try. However, the fifth attempt went as perfectly as imagined, with Giorgia acing the fun challenge.

“I’ll eventually make it, watch till the end #fun #mood #tonguetwister #keepgoing #tuesdaymorning,” she captioned the post.

Giorgia is celebrating her lockdown days with boyfriend Arbaaz. She was recently interviewed by Bollywood Hungama on her relationship with the actor.

Talking about her marriage plans, Giorgia mentioned, “People may assume whatever they want. But I am quite serene as a person, so if and when that (marriage with Arbaaz) will happen, I would definitely let everybody know. I don’t have any problem with that. In the meantime, they can think whatever they want. I don’t own anybody’s mind (sic).”

Asked if the lockdown has brought them closer, the model said that she has already spent a lot of time with Arbaaz to know him perfectly.

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