Halloween 2019: Check Out These 5 Short Horror Films for Some Chills

Halloween 2019: Check Out These 5 Short Horror Films for Some Chills

Below is a list of short horror films one can stream on YouTube for some jitters on All Hallow's Eve.

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Halloween is a time when one can sit back and watch a slew of great horror movies to mark the day. A day dedicated to remembering the dead, it is widely believed that the traditions can be traced back to the ancient Celtic harvest festivals and may have had pagan roots.

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However, for those who do not have enough time to stream through great horror classics like The Conjuring, The Exorcist, The Shining or The Blair Witch Project, worry not, there are a number of short horror films one can stream online for some jitters on All Hallow's Eve.

He Took His Skin Off For Me

A film adaptation of a short story by Maria Hummer, the film is about a man who removes his own skin for the woman he lives, believing that is what she wants him to do. And even though it is her wish, things soon turn awry as little things like stains begin to irritate her, with the relationship spiraling downwards.

2AM: The Smiling Man

Directed by Michael Evans from a Reddit thread, the film is about a late-night encounter with a deranged stranger who dances as he walks with a permanent creepy grin pasted on his face.


A short horror film clocking just around two minutes, the 2008 Drew Daywalt directorial is about a woman who is awoken by a phone call that leads to a terrifying realisation.

Lights Out

A Swedish supernatural horror flick, it follows the misadventure of a woman who comes of a room and turns off the hallway light only to see a long-haired humanlike silhoutte to appear at the other end of the hallway. While she switches the light on and off, the figure seems to keep on gaining on her, what happens next forms the crux of the scary film.

Tuck Me In

Another film based on a Reddit thread, the one minute bone-chilling cinema by Ignacio F Rodo, it sees a man being asked by his young son to tuck him into bed. The child then asks him to check for monsters under his bed. As the man bends down to check underneath, he is met with his son, who hiding under the bed tells him that there is someone on his bed.

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