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Hamari Bahu Silk Actress Vandana Vithlani Sells Rakhis to Stay Financially Afloat

Actress Vandana Vithlani

Actress Vandana Vithlani

Actress Vandana Vithlani has alleged that her show 'Hamari Bahu Silk' producers have not paid her dues which run in lakhs of rupees.

The coronavirus-induced lockdown brought the TV and film industry to a standstill. Some of the small actors are finding it difficult to survive in the maximum city as they are going through a financial crisis. Reports have emerged suggesting that the cast and crew of Hamari Bahu Silk have not been paid dues.

Some of the actors of the serial are struggling to make ends meet. One such actress from Hamari Bahu Silk is Vandana Vithlani has resorted to selling rakhis online to eke out a living.

ETimes reportedly quoted Vandana, who played the role of Janki Joshi in the daily soap, as saying that she decided to do something creative because of remaining dues and the no-work phase.

She revealed that she worked in Hamari Bahu Silk last year from May to October, but had been paid only for May. The actress stated that her dues run into lakhs and she has exhausted all her savings.

Vandana divulged that she got a role in Musakaan in November last year, but the show was discontinued after two months. She had received payment for her role in Musakaan.

Vandana said that she has “started making rakhis and selling them online” to make some money and keep herself engaged. However, Vandana added that she was not earning much from this.

Her husband is a theatre actor, but he is also not working due to the COVID-19 situation, said the actress.

“We also have to manage our children’s school and college fees. I am just waiting for some project to come my way,” Vandana said.

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