Happy Birthday Adam Sandler: 5 Times Actor Proved Himself to be a Serious Man On-screen

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler

From 'Punch Drunk Love' to 'Uncut Gems', Hollywood star Adam Sandler has shined bright in serious roles as much as he is a comedy veteran.

A comedian in Hollywood who uses funny fingers and babbling sounds, among other strange things to display his acting chops is none other than Adam Sandler. The actor who is also a filmmaker has strung together an impressive career since he debuted in the epic Saturday Night Live. He is adept of more than just broad, slapdash comedy which makes him a true blue legend.

As he turns 54 today, let’s look at some works from Sandler’s filmography when he was less Sandler:

Punch Drunk Love (2002)

Sandler uses his manic energy and over-the-top theatrics to set the rhythmic tone in the experimental film. He proves his ability to charm audiences even when what they are watching is troubling and uncomfortable but insightful. Sandler truly makes Barry Egan an iconic character by transforming into the vulnerable psychologically-overwhelmed man with ease.

Spanglish (2004)

In addition to his comedic rage, Sandler is capable of softness where a voice snap can break someone’s heart. He became a household name by being sufficiently human without dropping out the essence of his personality completely. The combination of flawed characters in this story set in sunny Los Angeles that ruminates pleasantly on the personas and idyllic scenery continues to be a winner.

Funny People (2009)

Funny People is all about the alternate-universe of Sandler’s George Simmons. The character is diagnosed with leukemia and in need of a new perspective on everything of the past - relationships, career. Funny People is more dramatic because of its cheating spouses and broken friendships. Sandler offers everything as an actor as he emotes using physical comedy he’s known for to lead the emotional climax of the film.

Men, Women and Children (2014)

Sandler uses ageing to his advantage in this one. The tired eyes and slow movements of a popular vibrant comedian is portrayed with great dexterity by him. The film is pleasant and complete with talent. One has to hand it to Sandler his immensely believable role as a somewhat awkward step-father. He is impressive throughout the ride.

The Meyerowitz Stories (2017)

Sandler has a taste for using music to pull an ocean of tears from viewers. The Meyerowitz Stories’s premise is familiar, an adult family brought together, yet original. One of the most serious movies from Sandler's vault, this one is directed by Noah Baumbach. Sandler joins a worthy cast who shine through this quite different film.

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