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Happy Birthday Anushka Sharma: Films That Reflect Actress' Real-Life Personality

A still from Rehnuma.

A still from Rehnuma.

Here's wishing an ever charming, fearless and opinionated Anushka Sharma, a very Happy Birthday.

Anushka Sharma needs no introduction inBollywood. The outspoken actress is everything the women of today are like. She's a risk taker, a fearless individual, speaks her mind and takes a stand wherever she can, and the best part about this all is the fact that her every characteristic reflects in her role she chooses to do. She started off as a bubbly, bindass Delhi girl in her breakthrough film Band Baaja Baarat and played a vulnerable yet headstrong Alizeh in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

From talking about feminism, to pay gap in Bollywood and establishing herself as a producer in a mere age of 26, Anushka has done it all on her own. She has carved her own niche in Bollywood, without losing her individual essence and that quality makes her a rare in this intimidating industry. Fighting all odds and embracing her real self in every role, Anushka is the perfect face for today's young generation.

On her birthday, let's take a look at her films that reflect her real, strong personality:

Band Baaja Baarat

While the family waited for their just graduated daughter to get married, Shruti goes ahead with her dreams of becoming a wedding planner and successfully starts her own company, Shaadi Mubarak. She's a dreamer, passionate, ambitious and level-headed person. When Bitoo breaks her heart, instead of weeping around, she gets back to her business and sought out her personal life as well. Shruti reflected the bubbly and outspoken side of Anushka.

Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola

Trust Vishal Bhardwaj to give his actress' the most layered roles of their career. Daughter of a feudal oppressor Bijlee is an independent woman with the power of making her own decisions. She is responsible enough to take the backlash for her reckless choices and proud of her value-system. She is flighty unsure of herself but embraces right change with confidence. She is a contradiction, torn between her father's dream and moral high ground. Bijli reflects the streak of Anushka's confidence.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan and PK

A happy-go-lucky Akira goes to an extreme location to meet Major Samar. An ambitious, hardworking and free-spirited girl, Akira wants to documents his life. During the process, she falls in love with him, but when she finds out about his history with Meera, she goes ahead and reunites them. The selfless, charming Akira shows the lively side of Anushka. Similarly, in PK she plays a journalist, Jaggu, who meets an alien and in the process of getting him home, find herself involved in exposing the nexus of religion woven by self-proclaimed religious gurus.

Like Akira and Jaggu, Anuska too believes in living her life on her own terms and taking a stand for what she feels is correct.


Path breaking film of Anushka's career, NH10 established her as a versatile actor and was also her first film as a producer. A gritty and dark action-drama, NH10 tells the story of a young couple whose road trip goes awry after an encounter with a group of violent criminals. How after unfortunate killings, Meera takes it upon herself to avenge the death of her lover and all the adversities bestowed on her. A violent tale of vengeance, Meera shines out because of her fearlessness and courage, two attributes Anushka enjoys in real life as well.


One of the biggest hits of 2016, Sultan was a story of a wrestler overcoming his fears to win back his glorious life. Anushka plays wrestler Aarfa Hussain, who gives a sense of meaning to Sultan's life. Not only does she encourages him to become a wrestler, but also teaches him the nuances. Aarfa is a strong-headed woman with self-respect. She tries to reason with a proud Sultan but when he crosses all levels of vanity, she leaves him for not being with her during a difficult time. Aarfa is a decision-maker, who listens to heart and is vocal about equality, just like Anuska in real life.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil was the story of Ayan that redefined friendship and love. The Karan Johar's directorial venture had Anushka play the role of Alizeh. A modern young woman, living on her own in London and maintaining a distance from love because of her past experience. Alizeh is very sorted in defining the limit of her friendship with Ayan. She is happy in her own skin and doesn't give two hoots about what people think. Alizeh reflects the free-spirit of Anushka Sharma.

Here's wishing an ever charming, fearless and opinionated Anushka Sharma, a very Happy Birthday.