Happy Birthday Camila Cabello: Looking at Popular Instagram Posts of the Havana Hitmaker

Image courtesy: Camila Cabello/ Twitter

Image courtesy: Camila Cabello/ Twitter

Camila Cabello, who has delivered hit songs like Havana and Senorita, and enjoys a massive fan following, turned 23 today.

Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello turned 23 on March 3 this year. Her songs have been ruling the charts and hearts of fans all around the globe. But the road to the current spot did not come easy.

Camila started her career by taking part in the music competition, The X Factor USA, in 2012. There she joined a girl group called the Fifth Harmony that went on to become massively popular. In 2016, however, she cut ties with the band on a somewhat sour note.

But Camila's decision to go solo has been a successful one with hit singles and collaborations to her name. As the occasion demands, here are the Havana singer's top Instagram posts.

First Internet nude

Ahead of her 23rd birthday, Camila took to her peronal Instagram handle to share her very "first internet nude", posting one of her pictures as a baby.

Kindness meditation

Camila's Instagram page is filled with quotes and inspiring words often penned by her. In this post, she talks of an exercise to feel connected and battle out anxiety, stress, pain and "countless other internal struggles".

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all of us go through the same things and are trying to figure it out - none of us are exempt from stress, anxiety, sadness, pain, and countless other internal struggles, whether it’s moments of it, or longer than just moments - for me, i suffered from anxiety so much that I had no choice but to change, to look for different tools that could help me, because it was bringing me so much pain- the last few months especially, I’ve worked so hard on this and am experiencing so much growth - which means, to anybody struggling, that growth and change is completely possible ! But today I just want to share this loving kindness meditation that is my favorite thing I’ve learned so far- because it’s easy to forget in our own struggles (I’ve been guilty of this and that’s why I love this particular practice so much) that everybody around us, and on this planet is fighting their own battle, and is feeling their own pain - some at a way more excruciating level than others, and therefore, EVERYBODY, even the people that most piss you off, are in DESPERATE need of love and kindness - I hope you try this practice today : for 10 minutes I breathe and picture somebody I love and say these phrases, I picture them happy and smiling as if it’s the best day of their lives, I picture them sad and wish them with all my heart that they be free from it - then I picture myself and say them about myself, then someone I’m not as close to (or someone you don’t get along with so much), and then I picture all the humans on the planet, and then all animals and living beings too- it really makes me feel connected and not alone , because the truth is - we never are, we’re all in it together . ❤️

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My Oh My

Camilla's latest single My Oh My from her album Romance is a hit. Before the release of the song, she posted several of her pictures from the shooting of the music video and asked her fans to guess the song's lyrics.

I think he likes me

Camila loves animals and in this cute picture she can be seen showering love on a lucky horse. She captioned the post, "I think he likes me." Well, we think so too, Camila.

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i think he likes me!!!!

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Frolicking through a field

The Senorita singer is much more than all serious and meaning business. On her Instagram handle, she gets real and posts giddy videos of her running through a "real life field" and enjoying herself.

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One with bae

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes have been close friends for years but late last year, both made their relationship official. Camila still keeps her relationship social media proof but has blessed her fans with this series where she thanks Mendes for his support.

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