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Happy Birthday Christian Bale: Actor's Best Portrayals of Real Life Characters

Christian Bale

Christian Bale

Christian Bale is not only popular for his extreme body transformation for a role on-screen, but has also played certain controversial real-life personalities. On Thursday, Bale is celebrating is 46th birthday.

Christian Bale is an actor who time and again entertains and surprises audiences with his acting skills. Not only has he been a master at losing or gaining massive amount of weight for his roles, but he has also does a wonderful job of playing real-life figures on the big screen. Here’s a look at some of his best performances as real-life personalities that he played in films over his more than three decade career.

  • Public Enemies (2009) - Melvin Purvis

If there’s one thing that Christian Bale is good at in a film, it is working in tandem with his co-stars and making sure he fulfills his role. This film saw Bale work alongside Johnny Depp in what will always be an amazing performance by the duo. While Depp plays a playfully wild role as John Dillinger, Bale fits right into his role as the perfect adversary in the form of the confident and firm Melvin Purvis.

The performance by Bale here is such that it fits right into the role. The film acts as a testament that while Depp is a flawless actor in himself, Bale is not any less either.

  • The Fighter (2010) - Dicky Eklund

This is one of Christian Bale’s roles where the actor had to lose a lot of weight as his character here is initially seen as a drug addict. Not only that but Bale underwent a lot of transformation for the character in trying to understand Dicky Eklund’s mannerisms, accent, and movement style. His efforts paid off well as the actor won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the role.

  • The Big Short (2015) - Michael Burry

While Christian Bale’s portrayal as investor Michael Burry is a far cry from his other roles, it is possibly one his best. In the film, Bale portrays an investor who suffers from OCD. He makes up for the disorder with his magnificent skills with numbers. Even though words are not enough to describe it, Bale plays a perfect combination of a shy but confident character whose genius-level intellect is easy to detect.

  • Vice (2018) - Dick Cheney

This was another one of Bale’s extreme roles where the actor put on a lot of weight. Cheney's role was also a very controversial one in Vice as it took on America’s most unpopular politician. As Dick Cheney, Bale still manages to entertain and amuse despite speaking in a slow and rasping voice. One of the strong points of this role is Bale’s convincing facial expressions that do not make his character at any point seem fake or out of place. Interestingly the real Cheney, displeased by the film, had asked a mutual friend to tell Bale that “he’s a d**k”.

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