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Hugh Jackman: Lesser Known Roles of the Actor

Hugh Jackman: Lesser Known Roles of the Actor

Despite being more popualr for playing James Howlett Logan, Hugh Jackman has acted in a variety of roles over the years.

Another year passes by as one of Marvel’s and the public’s favorite hero grows a year older. For 17 years the actor has been known for his role as the slashing mutant Wolverine in the X-Men film series. While that role may have been one of his most popular ones, Jackman has proved over the years that he can definitely play a variety of roles. Today on this day let’s remember some of his roles from other films.

  1. Van Helsing - Van Helsing

While the film still falls under the fictional genre, it shows Hugh Jackman in a much different avatar than a wild rage-filled monster. The film follows the story of popular monster killer Van Helsing who is sent on a mission to end Dracula once and for all. Hugh Jackman plays an impressive role as a vulnerable human being who is also a thinker tasked with solving puzzles and riddles to uncover the secrets of his targets. Even though Hugh Jackman is much more popular as a raging attacking hunter, Van Helsing portrays him as a flexible, agile and quick on his feet assassin. The film as a whole is filled with too much CGI and action without much detail to its story but Hugh Jackman’s respectful gentlemanly character is one that does not disappoint.

2. Les Miserables - Jean Valjean

Jean Valjean is one of Hugh Jackman’s most surprising performances. Not only because he plays a fearful on the run outlaw but because he sings his way melodiously through the film. Jackman reportedly trained with a singing coach for this film and it shows. He is definitely not known for having a soft voice and he uses this to his advantage. Throughout the film he sings in deep and booming tones. This is one film that shows that Hugh Jackman’s skill set is not limited to acting alone.

3. Flushed Away - Roddy

While this is an animated film, Hugh Jackman’s role as the protagonist deserves a round of applause here. Playing a silly rat accustomed to a lavish lifestyle, Jackman gives in the perfect voice for a character who is often shocked and scared out of his wits. His voice modulation and pitch altering in the film makes it almost impossible to recognise him as the voice behind Roddy. What only adds to the enjoyment of listening to this role is “Ice Cold Rita” a song sung by

Hugh Jackman himself.

4. The Prestige - Robert Angier

This is one performance by Hugh Jackman which comes across as the complete opposite of his most popular roles. In this film he plays the magician Robert Angier who is cold, calculating and manipulative. Jackman nails this role not just as a villain but also as someone who thinks and processes facts before taking any step. It is possibly one of his most intellectual characters played on screen.

5. Chappie - Vincent Moore

While the film did not fare very well at the box office, watching Hugh Jackman as Vincent Moore is exciting as well as horrifying. In the film, he plays a bullying, aggressive and violent soldier turned engineer. As the film’s antagonist, Jackman plays his role to the fullest leaving no stone unturned to portray the aggressive and competitive villain his character is meant to be. Jackman’s personality and portrayal as Moore is unwaveringly firm till the last minute. If there is one thing to take away from this film, it is that Hugh Jackman could possibly be even more terrifying yet better suited to play negative roles.