Happy Birthday John Cena: 5 WWE Moves that the Superstar Took to Hollywood

Happy Birthday John Cena: 5 WWE Moves that the Superstar Took to Hollywood

John Cena is one of those WWE superstars who have had the opportunity to work in films as well. But, wherever he went, wrestling was not far behind.

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  • Last Updated: April 23, 2019, 9:22 AM IST
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When John Cena broke out in the WWE scene, he became one of the best and the most loved superstars, faster than most. And it was hardly a surprise that his career took the same trajectory when he came to the movies. A camera friendly body, an inclination for entertainment, a laughter-provoking mouth and other similar traits made Cena the perfect candidate for the profession of acting, as he pursued a successful career in mainstream media, alongside wrestling.

On Cena's 41st birthday today, we take a look at 5 WWE moves that revealed his wrestling-badass-side in the movies.

Cena Chokeslams Opponent

In The Marine, during a fight sequence in a swamp house bar, Cena picks up the bad guy and smashes him on a wooden structure as he replicated the famous finisher Chokeslam. See here:

John Cena Chokeslam

Cena Chokeholds and Drags the Brat

While in the middle of a job as a security officer that he does not like very much, Cena encounters a rich spoilt brat, who talks down to him. It is just a matter of seconds that Cena shows him his true worth.

John Cena Chokehold

Cena Bodyslams the Rich Guy Through the Glass Door

Able to take only so much insult, Cena in The Marine reaches a breaking point and finishes off three guys in quick succession, like a pro security officer of a compound should.

John Cena Body Slam

Cena Shoulder Tackles the Criminal

Searching for his wife through the jungle, Cena is momentarily abducted at gunpoint by two criminals. Tied up and beaten, when Cena lets loose, he flies mid air and shoulder tackles one of them, just like he does opponents inside the ring. Later, he repeats the same move when he tackles another guy.

John Cena Shoulder Tackle

Cena Leg Drops on the Opponent

Inside a swamp house bar, Cena ambushes one of the men from the rival squad and delivers home a flying leg drop. The impact is so vicious that he is done for good.

John Cena Leg Drop

As per latest news, Cena is being discussed about as a potential cast for Suicide Squad sequel, which is being written-directed by James Gunn. As per a report in Variety, the actor is in talks to star in the Warner Bros. film that will also mark his debut in a comic book role. If Cena is indeed cast for it, we can see another amalgamation of two of our favourite things--movies and WWE.

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