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Happy Birthday Kay Kay Menon: Gritty Roles of the Actor That Will Stay with Us Forever

Kay Kay Menon

Kay Kay Menon

From 'Gulaal' to 'Shaurya', here are five Kay Kay Menon roles that will be cherished by fans and cine lovers forever.

Krishnakumar Menon, popularly known as Kay Kay Menon, celebrates his birthday on October 2. Without the doubt, the actor is one of the finest gems produced by Indian film industry. Be it any role, Menon knows how to fill it with a character.

On his birthday this year, let’s walk through some of the actor’s dark and intense role that has enthralled the audience over the years.


Menon played the evil uncle in the movie Haider, which is based on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. He played the role of Khurram Meer, the man who was behind the entire conspiracy. The actor was praised for his remarkable negative role in the movie. He has received Best Supporting Actor in Filmfare award and IFFA awards for a best negative role. Interestingly, the film was also one of the most popular films of late legendary actor Irrfan Khan.

Life in a Metro

Menon played the role of an unfaithful husband under Anurag Basu’s direction. He acted in the role of Ranjeet, who was involved in a marital affair with one of his colleague.


The actor played the role of Vishnu Nagre, who acts as a corrupt film producer reaping his father’s fame. The film was inspired by the Mario Puzo’s The Godfather. He played the eldest son of Subhash Nagre (Amitabh Bachchan).

Black Friday

The movie is based on the book of Hussain Zaidi’s real incident of Mumbai, where thirteen bombs were blasted on a Friday that took many lives. In the movie, Menon played the real-life character of the then police commissioner Rakesh Maria. He portrays the policeman who is anguish with the case that burdened him.


In this Anurag Kashyap’s movie, Menon played Dukey Banna, a political leader and pallbearer of the Rajputana clan. The character portrays the role of a cunning, cold-hearted man, who eventually loses in a dangerous game of politics. In the movie, he acts like a man who believes that power is anything. He believes that a patriot must be willing to go against the government to defend its country.


In this courtroom drama inspired by the film A Few Good Men, Menon played the character of Brigadier Pratap, a military man who is right in his own way. He played brigadier to the original’s Colonel Jessop (Jack Nicholson). The most famous scene of the movie is where Brigadier Pratap’s thunders to the questioning of the defence lawyer in the courtroom, “Tum, mujhe acche bure ka paath mat sikhao, tumhaari auqaat nahi hai!”