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Happy Birthday Mark Ruffalo: Here's How the Hulk Star is a Real-Life Hero Too

Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo is known for openly expressing his political opinions as well as speaking out against environmental issues.

Happy Birthday to Mark Ruffalo! The smashing actor has given fans a variety of roles throughout the last 27 years. Despite the number of films, Ruffalo never fails to entertain fans whenever he appears on the big screen. Nevertheless, apart from being an actor, Ruffalo has often voiced his opinion in environmental and political matters showing his concern for more than just his movie fans.

Today, on his 52nd birthday, let's remember some incidents and actions over the years that prove Ruffalo is a real-life hero as well.

1. Contribution to the Abortion Rights Rally

The arguments on abortion and the protest to decriminalize in multiple states of the United States is well-known throughout the world. In August 2013, Mark Ruffalo wrote a lengthy open letter for an Abortion Rights Rally. In the message, Ruffalo talked about the problems his mother suffered due to abortion being illegal in her young days while also imagining the effects such rules would have on his wife and children. The appeal to the masses in the letter goes on to show that Ruffalo's care and concern for those around him extends beyond issues that directly concern him.

2. The Solutions Project

Climate Change is a growing issue that more and more actors are beginning to take very seriously by the year. Mark Ruffalo is one of the actors who took the issue seriously but the actor did not stop at addressing the issue alone. He is a part of a non-profit organization called The Solutions Project. The organization focusses on promoting and funding organizations and people that find and promote the use of renewable sources of energy. Ruffalo plays the role of a renewable energy advocate within the organization. For the same, he even wrote a petition for countries to promote renewable sources of energy ahead of the G7 summit in 2015. The petition to date has received more than 3 million signatures.

3. State of The Union

In February 2018, Mark Ruffalo, Common, Rufus Wainwright and a number of other speakers and artists gathered together at an event titled State of the Union to speak out against Donald Trump's presidency and his ideologies. Ruffalo himself directly pointed out what made Trump unfit to run the country and the hatred and ridicule he faces for expressing his political opinions as an actor. Apart from this Mark Ruffalo and Common also together made a video speaking out against families being separated by the Trump administration urging people to reach out and financially support these families.

4. Water Defense

Mark Ruffalo in his activism to protect the environment has also addressed the need for clean water and for people's rights to have access to it. For this purpose, Ruffalo founded an organization called Water Defense. The organization focuses on finding resources of clean water as well as holding water-polluting companies responsible. Their blog shares regular updates to make people aware of the contaminated sources of water around the country as well.

5. Reunify Families Campaign

In July 2018, Mark Ruffalo and Common began a campaign to reunify families separated at the border by the Trump administration. They even urged people in a video to donate and help the separated families reunite. In the video, Ruffalo referred to the issue as a humanitarian crisis taking place on US soil.

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