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Happy Birthday Morgan Freeman: 5 TV Shows of the Actor You Must Watch

Image of Morgan Freeman, courtesy of Instagram

Image of Morgan Freeman, courtesy of Instagram

From 'Through the Wormhole' to 'American Masters,' on Morgan Freeman's 82nd birthday, we take a look at some of the TV shows the Oscar winning actor has been a part of.

Actor-filmmaker Morgan Freeman has turned 82 today. A glorious cache of films to look back at, Freeman will be celebrating in style. Over the years, the actor, who is also one of the most identified and respected faces of Hollywood, has given us captivating performances with his calm and nuanced playact in almost all of his films. Needless to say that his association with the common man's troubles through his characters makes Freeman's presence in the movies a mirror to the society and us an inevitable part of the actor's journey.

Apart from many films that he has lifted single-handedly through his acting prowess, Freeman has also been associated with TV shows, most notably his collaboration with National Geographic for travel, nature and scientific documentaries that have the theme of existence and religion at its core. Shows like Through the Wormhole and The Story of God with Morgan Freeman are as contemplative, contemporary and well researched as they are exciting to watch.

On the special occasion of the Oscar-winning actor's birthday, we take a look at some of the TV shows that he has been part of, as narrator and/or host.

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

As the title suggests, the documentary series aims to unearth the myth or reality of the almighty God. Freeman travels through the entirety of the planet to arrive at the bottom of the story of origin of god, beings and religion, while also channeling humanity right at the center of it. A thorough look at almost all the religions in the world, through the eyes of an agnostic, makes The Story of God a fun and informative times in front of the TV. A show fit for people all age groups.

The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman

This travel documentary tries to demystify human relationships at the behest of science and biology. With themes of love, association, sex, freedom, peace, war and power right in the middle, the series tries to arrive at humanitarian ways to change the world. Freeman also serves at the executive producer of the show, thus making him one of the staunch backers of the concept of belief in humankind.

Through the Wormhole

This documentary series aims to merge scientific developments, popular culture, with the overriding themes of understanding of the universe and space and our relationship with the cosmos. The most pressing issues of our times, that is, God vs science governs and drives its narrative. Through the Wormhole also navigates the frequenting questions of alien life forms and time travel. Very contemporary and related to nature.


An anthology series woven around science, technology and society, Curiosity features one episode with one important question and possible answers to it. Freeman hosts and narrates episode 5 of Curiosity, titled Parallel Universes - Are They Real?, and aims to decipher the existence of multiple life forms on other universes. A lesson in science indeed though the eyes of a believer.

American Masters

Freeman deconstructs William Shakespeare's The Taming of The Shrew through his own experience of reading and enjoying the play and having starred alongside Tracy Ullman in a Wild West version of the comedy for Shakespeare in the Park company in 1990, titled Petruchio. In the episode on The Bard, Freeman notes how this iconic play has set the template for all of the battle-of-the-sexes comedies that have followed.

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