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Here's a Crash Course in Breaking Bad Before Heading Into Netflix's El Camino

Here's a Crash Course in Breaking Bad Before Heading Into Netflix's El Camino

Created by Vince Gilligan, multiple Emmy award-winning series Breaking Bad's spin-off film El Camino arrives on Netflix on October 11. Read below for a quick recap of it season-wise.

A Breaking Bad spin-off was indeed a bleak possibility, even for hardcore fans, until recently the official announcement was made with actor Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) in the lead role. Jesse, who was not a good pupil of Walter White, actor Bryan Cranston, in school, but turned out to be one of the most trusted guys in the latter's drug empire. Now, in El Camino, Jesse is on the loose, with a special gift, or should we call it a curse? Well, he knows the magic formula to the famed crystal blue meth, around which the whole American crime-drama series revolves.

There are many shades to the series indeed and a better title could not have been imagined. Its truly the story of 'breaking bad' from insecurities, societal issues and pressures and many other things and come into one's own. And it has got a man beating cancer at the helm of affairs so it creates massive empathy, even for illegitimate guns, gangs and drugs.

El Camino, created by Vince Gilligan, was filmed very secretively and fans were kept in the dark. Now the wait is over as Netflix is premiering the spin-off on Friday, October 11. Its a highly anticipated evening for fans and nothing could be better than a recap of the series, season-wise, with major characters and timeline in focus.

Season 1

It's always good to mug up on the syllabus and lessons in crystal meth making turned out to be quite entertaining during the first season of Breaking Bad. Walter and Jesse make the best drug product in town and the first glimpse of the series is rugged reminder of that as we see the two of them almost escape a police bust and a kill.

We are introduced to Walter's family and the most important trigger--his cancer. Walter is a dying man and seeks redemption in believing that by selling drugs he could set his family for life, even after he dies. Its not just his belief, its his conviction. He ropes in a deadbeat, Jesse, who was his student in school. They strike a deal--Walter cooks, Jesse sells. But, Jesse's drug habits are always a concern for Walter, who knows that his addiction can get them unnecessary limelight.

Walter and Jesse start their drug trade keeping a low profile, but by the end of season one, they take on the local drug mafia Tuco, both in scale of operations and crime. Also, we come to meet Heisenberg, Walter's alter ego.

Season 2

A lot of others things were happening simultaneously in season one while Walter and Jesse were running drugs. Walter's brother-in-law Hank, who is a DEA agent, gets a tip off about the drugs Jesse and Walter are selling. He has his suspicions in trusting Walter, but is too sympathetic towards his cancer to actually believe that Walter is Hiesenberg. They have confrontations, which Walter swiftly evades. Jesse, on the other hand enjoys thick bundles of money and his addiction to illicit ways.

Meanwhile, Walter continues his treatment and is starting to feel better but is concerned at the growing medical bills. Skinny Pete (one of Jesse's dealers) has been ripped off by a drug-addicted couple, and Walter has made it known to Jesse that unless he does something about it, word will get around pretty quickly that Jesse and his crew are an easy mark.

Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), Jesse and Walter's advocate proposes new distribution method for their product. He puts Walter in touch with a meth distributor named Gus, who will deal Walter's drugs from now on.

Also Walter's personal agenda gets darker as he lets Jesse's girlfriend die of overdose. Jesse is grief stricken by the end of season two. We see millions of dollars getting laundered and batches of drugs moving across world cities.

Season 3

While he goes into remission from cancer, Walter is living in his home alone. His wife Skyler has moved out with their son and newborn daughter to give Walt a chance to pack his things and leave. She is tired of Walt's lying about his whereabouts and speaks to a divorce lawyer about making their split permanent.

Saul tries to convince Walt to continue producing meth, but Walter refuses the offer. He loses his job with Gus and is met by Jesse, who has produced a new batch of meth on his own for Gus.

DEA agent Hank sniffs out Jesse and gets into a fight with him. He beats him to death, nearly, and ends up going into suspension. A late drug trader's two cousins arrive and shoot Hank several times.

Also Walter saves Jesse from drug dealers while Gus chooses his new assistant-- Gale.

Season 4

Walt illegally buys and begins carrying a revolver. Skyler knows that he is the famous drug maker Heisenberg and help him launder his money. Walt and Skyler tell Hank that they paid for the car wash, which they buy to launder money, with illicit gambling winnings. Skyler is unsure how she'll launder Walt's meth-lab earnings through the car wash successfully.

Gus and Jesse meet the former's arch rival and famous drug lord Don Eladio. They go to his estate to celebrate their alliance where Gus poisons Don Eladio and kills all of his men, but he himself is poisoned as well, and Mike, Gus' right hand man and security guy, is wounded in the shootout. Jesse helps them escape.

Gus visits Hector, Don Eladio's old uncle and the one who killed his friend. Hector, however detonates the bomb given to him by Walter as he kills himself, Gus' bodyguard, Tyrus, and finally Gus himself. Walt rescues Jesse again.

Season 5

Walter moves back into the house, to Skyler's dismay. Walter, Mike, and Jesse meet with Saul to discuss finding a new place to cook drugs.

A company executive named Lydia hires a hitman to start killing off people that can tie her to Gus' death, including Mike. Mike thwarts his attacker and goes to kill Lydia, but instead asks her to be the methylamine, a drug precursor, supplier for Walt and Jesse. Meanwhile, Hank is recovered and gets a promotion.

He tracks Jesse and Walter as the dug dealers he was looking for all this time and ends up loosing his life. Jesse is captured by some more drug dealers because of his ability to cook crystal meth. After, Hank's death, Walter assumes a new identity through Saul's contact and he escapes.

He returns to help Jesse and gets killed in the mission.

Now, El Camino has Jesse escaping from years of captivity. We can only anticipate his next move.

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