Here's Mallika Sherawat's Response to Netizen Who Blamed Her Movies for Violence Against Women

Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat hits back at social media user who thinks her movies promote rape culture.

Following the brutal sexual assault against a Dalit woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras, many celebrities took to Twitter to express their rage against crimes against women. Bollywood actor Mallika Sherawat was also one of the celebrities who expressed her rage against the recent crime.

In a tweet, she had said, “Unless India reforms it’s medieval mindset towards women nothing will change #HathrasHorror #NirbhayaCase (sic).”

Reacting to the tweet, many men took it personally and tried to question Sherawat’s own movie choices. One user commented how it was the kind of roles that Sherawat played in Bollywood movies that contradicted her statement.

He asked her if she thinks the kind of “message” she delivers through her movies also play an important role in the current scenario. He further said, “Improvement should start from the person who is making the statement first.”

The user was commented on Sherawat’s movies where the actor has shot some adult scenes as part of her role. Hitting back to the user’s comments, Sherawat said, “So the movies I act in are an invitation for rape!!!” She further said that it is a mentality of such men that makes Indian society regressive for women. “If you have a problem with my movies then don’t see them,” Sherawat added that India is no country for women.

The comments on Sherawat’s tweet continue to suggest that the Indian audience continues to vilify women for their actions. Meanwhile, the male actors who are also involved in such scenes are left without any criticism.

Another user commented that while movies might not be a direct invitation, but it does influence impressionable minds, especially of those who lack good reasoning skills and cannot differentiate between reality and fiction. Women playing loose/immoral characters in movies does send out the wrong impression.

However, there were some who did support Sherawat’s take on the issue, as one user commented that reaction to the character played onscreen should not be interpreted as reflection of the real character of the actor.

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