Here's One Thing That Sets 'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier' Apart from Marvel Movies

Still from 'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier'

Still from 'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier'

During a live interaction, talking about the upcoming superhero series, lead actor Anthony Mackie said, "I feel like we’re the first Marvel show or movie that had budget constraints."

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Although several beloved MCU characters have bid their goodbyes after Avengers: Endgame, The Winter Soldier and the Falcon are very much returning with a lot to tell. Disney+ series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will see Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan reprise the awesome superheroes and if Anthony’s version is to be believed, the show is going to retain the feel of the Marvel movies.

Mackie spoke on the future series in an interview with Variety’s Actors on Actors issue recently. He revealed that shooting for the show felt like a “summer camp” but for the first time he had to face economic constraints.

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“It was really amazing just because I feel like we’re the first Marvel show or movie that had budget constraints. And that was always my (experience), ‘It’s Marvel, we could shoot forever.’ And they’re like, ‘Nah.’ So it was a very different experience from the rest of the movies. But at the same time, it was a lot of fun,” the actor said.

After having stopped shooting in March, Mackie hopes to get back to it soon. Giving out deets about the show, Mackie said, “We’re shooting it exactly like a movie,” he said. “Everybody who had worked on TV before was like, ‘I’ve never worked on a TV show like this.’ The way in which we were shooting, it feels exactly like we were shooting the movie cut up into the show. So instead of a two-hour movie, a six or eight-hour movie”.

The six-episode show is set to release in August this year.

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