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How An Experimental Web Show 'Permanent Roommates' Worked for Sumeet Vyas

How An Experimental Web Show 'Permanent Roommates' Worked for Sumeet Vyas

Sumeet Vyas's leap of faith in digital format with Permanent Roommates didn't just revive his career, but also shed light on a new market for others to follow.

Actor Sumeet Vyas was recognised after the success of TVF’s web show Permanent Roommates. Recalling it, Vyas said, "It was just that I wanted to try a new avenue. There was no concept of Wweb series in India. People were mainly doing spoof videos on YouTube. No one was doing a proper show."

Now, one of the most prominent faces in the Indian web space, thanks to shows like Trippling and RejctX, Vyas has also started venturing out in films. He has acted in films like Veerey Di Wedding and Made In China.

He can be currently seen in Official Bhootiyagiri. He talked about exploring new genres. He said, "It was the writer's idea to take this route. For a month we kept on going through the script. It's a very thin line when you're doing horror-comedy. Unless the horror works, the comedy will not work. If people are not getting scared with the horror part, they won't find it funny when we are doing comedy.”

Vyas is expecting his first child with wife and actor Ekta Kaul. He says lockdown is a blessing in disguise. "Ideally, this could have been a time when I would have wanted to pamper her, take her out on a date and do all those things. But, I am glad I am able to spend time with her.”

Apart from acting, Vyas says he has plans to direct as well. "The lockdown has literally thrown our plans out of the window, leaving us with a fresh plate. But in a year or two, I am also looking forward to direct.”

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