How Captain Marvel Stands Out from Crowd of Superhero Films? Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck's Answer

How Captain Marvel Stands Out from Crowd of Superhero Films? Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck's Answer

Directed by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden, 'Captain Marvel' is set in 1995, predating the events of the first Iron Man film.

Singapore: Humanity is the differentiator that will set Captain Marvel apart amidst the commoditisation of superhero films, say the movie's directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson performs gravity defying stunts in her role as an Air Force pilot Carol Danvers, who becomes Captain Marvel after the Earth is caught in the midst of a galactic conflict between alien worlds.

How did the directors ensure the film stands out from the crowd of superhero films?

"Carol Danvers is so human and that's what drew us to her character," Boden, the first woman to wear the director's hat for a Marvel Cinematic Universe film, said in response to a query by IANS in a select media interaction here.

She added: "We just fell in love with the character because of her humanity, because of the emotion, the compassion and also a little bit of the attitude. All of that is what made her interesting and engaging to us, and so, if there's any way that we felt this movie should stand out, it should be about the humanity of that superhero.

"This is a superhero who finds her strength in her own humanity, in becoming (the) most (human) herself, and valuing all of that. That's the movie we wanted to make."

Isn't that just what a woman is all about?

"Absolutely," said Boden.

Both the directors make a team that has worked on films like Half Nelson and Mississipi Grind in the past. Captain Marvel is a new turf for them -- but one they loved exploring.

Fleck said they had a lot of meetings and made multiple pitches at Marvel Studios, and that's something common to superhero films.

"When we spoke to Kevin Feige (Marvel Studios President) the team at Marvel, and Brie as well, we were on the same page. We wanted to make sure the character is complex, human, and messy; funny and tough, but also vulnerable at times."

Boden added: "They (officials at Marvel) said, 'We know how to make the big explosions. We want people who can concentrate on the story and characters.'"

The team of Captain Marvel - the directors, as well as Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and Gemma Chan - are here for a Singapore fan event.

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