Hrithik Roshan’s Brand HRX Claims No Responsibility in Fraud Controversy, Releases Statement

Hrithik Roshan’s Brand HRX Claims No Responsibility in Fraud Controversy, Releases Statement

HRX Brand has released a statement disassociating itself and Hrithik Roshan from all cheating allegations.

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  • Last Updated: August 29, 2018, 8:05 AM IST
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Actor Hrithik Roshan, of late, has become controversy’s favorite child.

A police case was recently filed against him and eight other people in Chennai for cheating, fraud and non-repayment of dues by an agent called R Muralidharan.

Muralidharan reportedly entered into a stockist agreement with Hrithik’s HRX perfumes. According to him, he has incurred a loss of Rs. 21 lakh due to Roshan and others not supplying the products regularly and dissolving the firm without his knowledge. This, he claims, resulted in stagnation of products and zero sales.

Muralidharan also claims that when he tried to return the products, HRX refused to take them back.

However, HRX brand, which was launched by Hrithik in 2014, tweeted a statement on Tuesday, slamming all such allegations. “Hrithik Roshan and HRX Brand have no association with the matter in question in news. HRX Brand had been licensed to Global Fragrances for limited purposes. License was terminated by HRX Brand because of defaults by Global. Neither Hrithik Roshan nor HRX Brand are responsible to Muralidharan, the complainant. Neither HRX Brand nor Hrithik Roshan were responsible in engaging Muralidharan, the complainant, and are not liable for Global Fragrances’ actions,” the statement read.

Meanwhile, the Krrish actor lashed out on Tuesday at a media report for claiming that Disha Patani walked out of a film because of his flirtatious behaviour.

Taking to Twitter, the actor blasted the publications and dismissed the report as “trash”.

“My dear friend ‘Patrika ji,’ Do you exercise? Go to gym. All trash will automatically flush out of the mind. Especially 20 donkey kicks, 20 monkey rolls and two dog jumps, will be good for you. Make sure you do it. Good Luck and Love you too,” he wrote.

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