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Hugh Jackman Stokes Feud with Ryan Reynolds with Deadpool-Wolverine Cake

Sam with his superhero themed cakes

Sam with his superhero themed cakes

Hugh Jackman has nudged Ryan Reynolds once again on social media with a hilarious post. Check it out.

Seems like Hollywood stars and good friends Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman will continue their long-running banter-filled feud, thanks to a Deadpool-Wolverine dueling cake, whose pic was shared on social media by Jackman recently.

The two actors met on the set of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where Reynolds played Wade Wilson/Deadpool for the first time in an adaptation of the character. The duo's friendly feud began when Reynolds tried to convince Jackman to reprise his role as popular Marvel Comics character Wolverine one more time for a future Deadpool movie after Jackman announced 2017's Logan would be his last outing as the "X-Men" mutant.

Ever since then, Reynolds and Jackman have poked fun at each other on social media, providing fans with recurring bouts of laughter.

Even though Jackman and Reynolds had vowed to put their well-documented sparring on hold for the sake of charity recently, Jackman has nudged the Deadpool actor once again as he dragged a small boy into the mix. Eight-year-old Sam is seen cutting Deadpool-Wolverine cakes kept side by side as he wore the two characters' franchise outfit as well.

Sharing the picture, Jackman wrote, "Sam celebrated his 8th birthday with dueling #Wolverine and #Deadpool cakes. I think it’s crystal clear won. Don’t you? (sic)."

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