'I Grew Up Applying Fairness Creams, Had Inferiority Complex': Nawazuddin Siddiqui

nawazuddin siddiqui

nawazuddin siddiqui

Nawazuddin Siddiqui has opened up about having an inferiority complex in Bollywood due to his skin colour.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui says he used to apply fairness creams while growing up in order to make his skin lighter. It's similar to his character in his latest film Raat Akeli Hai, where he plays the character of a male chauvinistic cop, who has low confidence due to his dark skin.

The actor revealed that he used to apply fairness creams, but when he learnt that he couldn't do anything about his looks, he started working on his craft. It took him some time to come out of the trauma but he said that he was glad to make that decision.

"I too grew up applying these fairness creams, expecting miraculous results. In fact, I remember that once, I didn’t even realise that the cream I was using wasn't Fair and Lovely, but some fake called Fare and Lovely. I spent a lot of time trying to make my skin fairer," SpotboyE quoted Nawaz as telling Cinema Express.

He insisted that it was Bollywood's obsession with fair skin that led him to feel inferior. "In mainstream Bollywood cinema, is there any really black-looking actor, male or female? I had an inferiority complex at first. But I guess the good thing is, I realised that since I couldn't do anything about my face, I would be better served focussing on my craft. I knew I was nothing when it came to my personality or my looks. It took some time to come out of that trauma, but I'm glad I made that decision."

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