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I Have Been Feeling Underutilised for 13 Years, Says Arjun Mathur Who is Nominated at 2020 International Emmys

Arjun Mathur

Arjun Mathur

Arjun Mathur has been nominated at the 2020 International Emmy Awards in the Best Actor category for his beautifully nuanced portrayal of a gay man in Made in Heaven.


Shrishti Negi

Arjun Mathur may have been nominated at the 2020 International Emmy Awards for his incredible turn as a gay man struggling for acceptance in Made in Heaven, but the actor feels that his true potential has not yet been realised by filmmakers.

After one-and-a-half years of the show's tremendous success, Arjun is still waiting for yet another opportunity that ticks all the boxes for him. He, however, admits that putting together a show like Made in Heaven is no cakewalk.

"I think so to some extent, but that's not something new," says Arjun when asked if he feels underutilised. "I've been feeling that for 13 years," he adds.

Arjun says as an actor all he can do is keep giving his best shot until directors and producers become aware of his true potential.

"You somehow work with that (feeling). It's my job to just keep trying to make them aware of that potential, which happens when a show like Made in Heaven comes along. There are so many variables that go into making a show click in such a big way, from the script to producers and cast and crew. So, sometimes it takes time for other people to value you the way you value yourself, or sometimes it takes outside people to value what's right in front of you for you to be able to value it. But at the end of it, I can't speak for filmmakers. I'm just an actor waiting to be cast."

Arjun has bagged an Emmy nod in the Best Actor category alongside Billy Barratt (Responsible Child), Guido Caprino (1994), and Raphael Logam in (Impure season two). In Made in Heaven, his character of Karan Mehra is not defined by being gay — he’s a fully fleshed out man who just happens to find love with another man.

Arjun says even though he is delighted that his performance has been recognised internationally, he doesn't expect it to change his acting career overnight.

"I try to keep my expectations from everything very tempered because I have been doing this long enough to know that having many expectations lead to disappointment. When you don't expect too much and just focus on the work that you have to do then, whatever happens, is unexpected or good. That's the way I like to look at it and even now I'm not expecting my life to change overnight after this (nomination). I'm glad this has happened and I'll continue to do the best that I can and that's all that's really in my control."

Arjun says that he doesn't take too much pressure about what's going to happen as he believes that it's extremely important for an artiste to have a life beyond their profession in order to be able to keep their sanity intact.

"The struggle as much as it is getting your next job, it is also figuring out what to do with yourself in your doubt time. So you try to stay on top of things and stick to some form of routine and discipline and try to follow your hobbies and do things that enrich you more as an artiste. Because life is much bigger than just getting the next project."

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