I Never Saw Kabir Singh as a Hero, Says Kiara Advani

I Never Saw Kabir Singh as a Hero, Says Kiara Advani

Despite acknowledging that she hated Kabir Singh, Kiara Advani said being an actor, she can't afford to see each and every character through a moral lens.

Shrishti Negi
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  • Last Updated: December 30, 2019, 8:30 PM IST
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Actress Kiara Advani has said that she doesn't endorse the politics of Kabir Singh personally. But at the same time, she can't impose her own ideas and beliefs onto her character.

Upon its release, Kabir Singh received huge backlash, with many critics calling it "extremely misogynistic, problematic and sexist." Many also argued that the film endorsed physical violence in the name of obsessive love.

Even though the actress admitted to having felt uncomfortable while filming certain scenes, including the one wherein Shahid Kapoor's Kabir slaps Preeti (Kiara), she said they were meant to evoke varied questions and reactions.

"There were certain scenes in the film that are meant to make you uncomfortable, especially the interval scene which had impacted so many sections and women who spoke against it and said, 'How dare he slap her?' Yes, we want to ask you that question. Just as you feel the way the director's vision was to make the audience uncomfortable, and then for the character to go through a downfall because he has wronged her and done something which is not right. Similarly, it made me uncomfortable. But as an audience if I have to watch it, the director has delivered what the purpose of that scene was meant to be," the actress told News18.

Despite acknowledging that she hated Kabir, Kiara said being an actor, she can't afford to see each and every character through a moral lens.

"As an actor and as a person, you'll always have two different view points. I can't put in my thoughts into my character's thoughts. On a personal level, I may not agree with certain things. For instance, if I'm playing a murderer in a crime thriller, if you ask me I'm never going to murder somebody but if that's my character and I'm the one who has murdered the victim in that film then we can't have moral conversation about something which is fictional. I think that's how I looked at it. I never saw Kabir as a hero. I saw him as a flawed character who goes through a certain journey and arc," she added.

Most recently, Shahid said that cinema is meant to provoke difficult conversations around complex issues and he believes that Kabir Singh was entirely successful in doing so.

"In a democracy, whenever you make cinema in the true sense, you have to be able to show different types of characters - that's my understanding of acting and cinema. I don't endorse anything Kabir Singh did but that doesn't mean it's not my job to represent him correctly because I'm an actor. It's your job to decide what you think is right or wrong about Kabir Singh and I leave that right to you," Shahid said.

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