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'I Turned Down Lagaan,' Says Sameera Reddy As She Shares Empowering Video on Social Media

Image of Sameera Reddy, A still from 'Lagaan,' courtesy of Instagram

Image of Sameera Reddy, A still from 'Lagaan,' courtesy of Instagram

In a video posted for #imperfectlyperfect campaign, Sameera Reddy recalls how she had to turn down 'Lagaan' due to speech disorder.

  • Last Updated: August 24, 2019, 12:53 PM IST
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Sameera Reddy recently revealed how she suffered from speech problem and that Hrithik Roshan helped her overcome it by gifting her a book. Now, the actress, in a new video, has claimed that she turned down Ashutosh Gowariker's Lagaan due to her stammering problem. She also recalled how the director of the iconic film still reminds her that she should've done the film.

Sameera issued a video on Instagram, once again highlighting her struggle with stammering when she was young. She mentions how she used to "cry" when people used to "complete her sentences."

Sameera also talks about people, who have speech problems, getting bullied. About Lagaan and turning it down, Sameera says, "I turned down Lagaan..ok!!! Not like it came to me on a platter, i went i met the director(Ashutosh), he really liked me and Ashutosh Gowarikar still today when he meets me he says 'Sameera, you know you could've done 'Lagaan'!' And i'm like yeah man! (sic)

She adds, "But i wanna tell him today the reason i didn't do it not because i was obnoxious.. I was scared shitless!!! I was so scared of being judged, i was so scared that people will find out that i cannot speak. And that's why i didn't do 'Lagaan' which could've been the biggest movie of my life (sic)."

The video that Sameera shared is for #imperfectlyperfect campaign. Watch here:

Recently, on a chat show, Sameera spoke of her struggles with stammering, adding that Hrithik, who had also faced speech disorder in his life, had helped her deal with the issue.

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