If a Man Raises Hand On You, He's Not Man Enough, Says Uttaran Actress Tinaa Dutta

If a Man Raises Hand On You, He's Not Man Enough, Says Uttaran Actress Tinaa Dutta

Tinaa Dutta opened up about her abusive relationship that lasted five years. However, the actress now looks forward to starting life afresh.

Tinaa Dutta, aka Iccha of the Uttaran fame, made headlines earlier this year when she called off her relationship of five years as it was ‘extremely abusive, mentally and physically.’ However, the actress has now come out of the troubled relationship and wishes to start life afresh.

Tinaa had been in relationship with a non-industry guy for 5 years, who she had met through common friends. However, trouble in paradise started when the guy got abusive, Tinaa’s confidence went for a toss and that’s when she decided to call it quits.

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After consciously  decided to focus on herself and her life says she’s willing to settle down once again when she meets the right person. In an interview to a leading daily, she said, “I’m out of an abusive relationship and want to settle down in life but not with someone from the industry.”

Currently on a sabbatical from work, Tinaa says she looks for a 'loyal’ person who knows how to ‘respect people’ and is a ‘nice guy’ overall.

Regretting the decision of not having taken a stand back then, Tinaa says she does not put all the blame on the guy either. The actress had fell in love at a young age and was blinded by the love so much so that, “I thought it was okay for me to put up with an abusive relationship and allowed him to treat me the way he wished.”

But after realizing that love is not an excuse for being ill-treated, she took charge. “If a guy raises a hand on you, that means he is not man enough. One shouldn’t let anybody take you for granted and nobody has the right to disrespect you and take away your peace and happiness from you,” she added.

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