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Indian Idol 12: Want to Remain Struggler, Have No Desire to be Star, Says Pawandeep Rajan

Indian Idol 12: Want to Remain Struggler, Have No Desire to be Star, Says  Pawandeep Rajan

Indian Idol 12's Pawandeep Rajan talks about his plans of scoring music in Bollywood films and promoting 'Pahaadi' music in mainstream cinema.

Pawandeep Rajan, who hails from a small town in Uttarakhand, has come a long way. The budding singer became an overnight sensation after participating in Indian Idol 12, which recently got its top nine contestants.

Pawandeep has been a fan-favourite ever since the 12th season began. Several celebrities including Karan Johar, Shilpa Shetty, Jubin Nautiyal and Virendra Sehwag have heaped praise on the young singer for his fabulous performances on the singing reality show. However, Pawandeep is unfazed by all the appreciation coming his way.

“It’s like a miracle. My life has taken a 360-degree turn. Sometimes it feels unreal but I don’t want to get influenced by it and rather focus on my music. I’d definitely like to thank everyone for their constant support and love. Even though it’s practically impossible to thank each and every person, I’m going to make a special video for them soon. But my topmost priority is music right now. I don’t think about anything else. People are going to love you anyway if you do your job perfectly,” said Pawandeep.

Pawandeep doesn’t yearn to be a star. His sole aim is to compose good quality music and do something for his own culture.


“I just don’t want to stay free. My co-contestant Ashish (Kulkarni) and I have also been working on a couple of songs and I pray that every film will have our music. I know we will have to work very hard for this but I’m ready to face any kind of challenge or obstacle that might come our way in the near future because I always want to remain a struggler. I don’t want to be a star.”

“I also have plans to modernise ‘Pahaadi’ folk music so that it can be used in mainstream Bollywood films. I want to upgrade it a little like how it’s being done with Bengali and Punjabi folk songs,” he added.

Pawandeep has reached the top 9 of Indian Idol 12. Sharing his excitement, he said, “It’s a huge thing to be in the top 9 of Indian Idol. I feel fortunate that I have been getting the support of the audience. I always try my level best to sing well. I never thought that I would come this far. It’s like a dream come true for me. I’d watch this show on TV during my childhood and always dreamt of participating in it but it felt like a far-fetched dream at that time.”

“I was doing gigs earlier because I had to do something in music. But coming on Indian Idol was my dream which I always wanted to fulfill. Those gigs were a medium to keep my passion alive but this show has given me an opportunity to showcase my talent worldwide. Today, so many people know me because of this platform and I feel so grateful.”

first published:April 06, 2021, 13:22 IST