iReel Awards 2018: Shaitan Haveli's Bhupesh Singh on Why Even Small Roles are Important

iReel Awards 2018: Shaitan Haveli's Bhupesh Singh on Why Even Small Roles are Important

Bhupesh Singh is nominated in the Best Actor (Comedy) category for his performance in Shaitaan Haveli.

Bhupesh Singh has been nominated in the Best Actor (Comedy) category in iReel Awards 2018 for his performance in Shaitaan Haveli, on Amazon Prime Video. In a freewheeling chat, he talks about his career graph and what it takes to tickle the audience's funny bone.

From having been a playback singer in Anurag Kashyap's seminal work, Gangs of Wasseypur, to making his presence felt in front of the camera in small but stand-out roles in films like Hum Tum, Masaan, Kadvi Hawa and other projects, including I Don't Watch TV, a TV series which is where he made his acquaintance with Shaitaan Haveli director Ajay Singh.

It was Ajay who, in fact, asked Bhupesh to audition for Shaitaan Haveli, in which he clinched the role. In the Amazon Prime Videos India series created by Varun Thakur, Bhupesh plays Hariman Singh, who is THE B-grade horror film auteur before his latest project, a misguided shot at mainstream movies, fails spectacularly at the box office. Audiences don’t seem to agree with Hariman’s reasoning that if you have sex comedies and sex-horror films, you can have a sex family drama, and the director finds himself drowning in debt.

Hariman is Ed Wood-like in his determination to finish his new horror film -- despite a tiny budget and crew members being constantly murdered and or turned into zombies, and his Bhojpuri-accented banter with, and asides on, his cast are a thing of hilarity. It’s quite the challenge to be the comic relief in a comedy, but Hariman does it beautifully. Speaking of Bhojpuri accents, it was Bhupesh who wrote the lyrics, composed the melody and sang the series' title sequence, which is a musical homage to B-grade movie soundtracks, the likes of which made the Ramsay Brothers immortal. "The track was composed, performed and recorded on the sets of the show itself, And I worked with Varun and Ajay to capture the mood of the series in song," said Bhupesh, speaking to News18.com.

Clearly, Bhupesh, much like Hariman, doesn't believe in limiting himself to merely one job on the sets, and is more concerned about the quality of work. "It doesn't matter if it's behind camera or in front of it, or if it's a big role or small. I only care that it should be a good project or a good role," said Bhupesh. He was also glad that audiences appreciated the series, as well as his role, and is estatic to be nominated for an iReel award.

iReel Awards 2018 will take place on September 6.

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