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iReel Awards 2019: Got Messages From Young Doctors Praising My Role, Says Shweta Tripathi

Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter

Shweta Tripathi is nominated in the Best Actress (Drama) category at the iReel Awards 2019 for her lead role in Laakhon Mein Ek Season 2.

Shweta Tripathi has made a space for herself in the web world starring in shows like Mirzapur, The Trip and TVF Tripling. She is nominated in the Best Actress (Drama) category at the iReel Awards 2019 for her lead role in Amazon Prime's Laakhon Mein Ek Season 2. The actress says that she looks at the nomination as a validation for her belief in taking up the role of a young doctor trying to fight the system and do right by her patients.

"I'm very finicky about the kind of projects that I take up. As an artist, you are responsible for the story that you're telling. And when that is recognised, when you get that validation, it feels very nice. More people get to know about it. I am very happy. I call it my report card, when I look back and see any project. When you get nominated by a respected awards show, it means a lot," Shweta said.

Laakhon mein Ek Season 2 shows Shweta's role of Dr. Shreya posted in Sitlapur village to conduct a cataract camp. She finds herself in a situation where the villagers are not the biggest believers in government aided healthcare due to lack of proper medical supplies, thanks to dirty politics.

Shweta says she was overwhelmed by the response to her role, especially from doctors. "The most special thing to me was the messages I got from young doctors. My inbox is full of messages from them telling me that they could relate to it."

"When we were doing workshops, when I was preparing for the role of Dr Shreya Pathare, and when we were shooting for it, my only concern was that this was the first time I had a profession on a show. Before that I had always played a school or college student. I didn't want that doctors dekh ke bole, arey yaar, aisa thodi na hota hai, or this is wrongly portrayed. We made sure that I looked the part, so when doctors messaged me they could relate to my role, that made me really happy," she said.

Shweta says that the role has left a lasting impact on herself as an actress, and there's so much that she learnt during the process of playing Dr Shreya. "As an actor, you are always evolving, because you are not just leading your own life, you are also leading the lives of the various characters you are playing."

"In Laakhon Mein Ek Season 2, there's a scene where I'm coming out of an ambulance when one patient has died. As an actor I would think that it would be a very emotional moment for me, but my director corrected me and said that you're a doctor right now. And that is more important than being emotional. You are in charge, you can't show what you are going through. You can't afford to be weak. These are things you realise and they really make you grow up as a person," she shared.

Shweta is all praises for her co-nominee Shefali Shah, who has been nominated in the Best Actress Drama category for her role in the Netflix show Delhi Crime. "Being nominated with somebody like Shefali Shah makes me so happy and proud. She is brilliant, and not just Delhi Crime, anything that she does, her performances, her delivery, the way she looks, she stays with you. I am a huge fan of her and would love to work with her," Shweta said.

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