Irked Sonu Nigam Lambasts Labour Ministry for Retweeting Post from His Fake Account

Irked Sonu Nigam Lambasts Labour Ministry for Retweeting Post from His Fake Account

The Twitter handle of the Ministry of Labour had retweeted a post regarding Deepika Padukone made by a fake Sonu Nigam account, irking the singer.

Sonu Nigam has lambasted the Ministry of Labour for retweeting a tweet from a fake account made in the name of the singer. On Instagram, where he has a verified account, Sonu shared a video grousing about the ministry's twitter handle.

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The tweet in question had a morphed picture of Deepika Padukone where she can be seen holding a marijuana joint in one hand. In the edited picture, her one eye has been coloured blue while the other one is green and smoke can be seen coming out of her mouth.

The disturbing picture also had a problematic caption which said, "Repeat after me. D for Depression, D for Drugs, D for Deepika."

After the Ministry of Labour retweeted this picture, Sonu Nigam expressed his disappointment with the handle saying that this kind of mistake is not expected of the ministry. The ministry has now removed this controversial tweet.

Commenting on the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, Sonu said that the investigation is not about the actor anymore. Deepika Padukone has been summoned in a drug case by the Narcotics Control Bureau after Sushant's girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty was called in for questioning by the same agency.

The unverified handle @OfficialSonu also used the singer's photo as the profile picture. Currently, the handle's name has been changed to Sonu Hela and the profile picture has also been changed.

Criticising the state of the country, Sonu said that it is impossible that an act like this — the labour ministry retweeting a tweet by a wrongful account — can happen in a good and brainy country. He said that this shows that there is some mental mess going on in the country.

Sonu also said in the video that he has not been on the micro-blogging website for the past three-and-a-half years and does not plan to return to it. He also commented that there is nothing like cyber police in this country because he has complained several times about fake accounts running in his name but they still keep appearing.

Expressing his helplessness, Sonu said that if the labour ministry cannot understand that he is not on Twitter, then how can he expect that the common man will know this. He said that he is not a part of this filth and does not derive pleasure from others’ miseries. He requested people to not retweet nonsense said in his name.

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