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Is Emraan Hashmi Really Out of His Serial Kisser Tag?

Image Source: Instagram

Image Source: Instagram

Emraan Hashmi said people don't address him as 'the serial kisser' anymore. We took a look at his recent works to understand whether he is really out of this tag.

Time and again we have seen artists in the Indian film industry earn a nickname based on the niche they have carved for themselves. Be it the ‘King of Romance’ Shah Rukh Khan or Bollywood’s ‘Bhaaijan’ Salman Khan, these names stay with the actors forever, often becoming the most important aspect of their identity to the audience. But one of the stars feels that the viewers have finally started to move beyond his famous nickname in Bollywood-The Serial Kisser.

Emraan Hashmi, in a recent interview with IANS, revealed that people’s perception seems to have finally changed as he has not done ‘those’ kinds of films recently.

The tag is pretty self-explanatory. He started to be known as Bollywood’s best kisser because of the numerous kissing scenes in his earlier films. In his roles in films like Murder, Gangster, Zeher, Jannat or Raaz, he effortlessly pulled off scenes of intimate romance with his co-stars, embedding the tag furthermore. It also went on to become a unique selling proposition for the filmmakers working with Hashmi.

But now it seems the actor might have actually broken out of that box, owning to the different kind of roles he has been doing. His recent films like Azhar, Baadshaho, or Hamari Adhuri Kahani might not have been huge box office successes but these films gave the actor a chance to experiment with different roles that proved he is more than his tag. His performance in Azhar was hailed as one of the strongest points of the movie despite it having an underwhelming script.


He went on to prove his versatility in the Netflix series Bard of Blood where he portrayed the character of an intelligence officer. Furthermore, his recent release Mumbai Saga is a crime thriller where he essays the role of a policeman, and his next Chehhre is going to be a physiological thriller where he plays a business tycoon. He is also shooting for a supernatural thriller, Ezra.

These different ranges of characters might help Hashmi to shrug off the serial kisser tag for the time being. Or at least, the audience will stop associating him only with this label.

However, one cannot break out of tags overnight, but he doesn’t seem to mind it as he revealed in the interview that he just did his job as an actor.